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Power Steering Hard to Turn and Warning Light On on Saturn Ion

Problem Description and Possible Solution

The power steering assist may be lost intermittently along with illumination of the "power steering" warning message. In most cases, the power steering system will return to normal when the ignition is cycled off and the engine is restarted. General Motors recommends to replace the electric power steering assist motor to correct this problem. They have extended the warranty on the power steering assist motor to 10 years or 100,000 miles on most 2004-2007 Ion models. This is not a "recall" but an extension of the original warranty.

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Saturn Ion Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 105,270 (14,000–250,000)
5 model years affected: 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, more2007
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Took it to the dealer on Nov 2014 and they replaced the steering motor, now, Jan 2016, still get the power steering been lost, would they repair again under the warranty?
Power steering does not work at all, electric motor replaced , still don't work, what next to check and how ???
About a month ago, my power steering went completely out. I know there's a recall on the 2005-2007 models but not mine. This is really scary but I can't afford to have it fixed. It's a damn shame, too, since I just bought the car 5 months ago.
Today, 26 March 2015, I started me car & when I started to back out I couldn't turn my wheel.. I looked at my dash and saw that it said PWR STR... I turned my car off, looked at my manual & discovered there is a power steering motor.. I started my car again, and the light was off & I was able to go everywhere I needed to go... I called a garage I go to, & was quoted $300 to $500 to fix it.. I wanted to compare prices, so I called the dealership. When the service guy plugged my VIN in the system a Recall popped up for this exact reason. The service guy said this recall is very recent & the recall notices aren't being sent out until 15 May... He set an appointment for next week. So good news everyone!!!! This "affected recommendation" is a full blown recall now....
Traveling at about 15 miles per hour when 3 dings sounded and pwr steerng displayed on dash. At next turn I had to force the wheel to turn. It is 2014, is the special warranty I've read about still active although Saturn is gone?
How much is the part? Realize extended warranty is passed, anything else that can be done?
power steering would fail randomly while driving; would be fine after a re-start

power steering motor was replaced free of charge by a chevy dealer under a gm service bulletin
Power Steering constantly goes out while driving. I have to stop turn car off and then restart and the problem stops for a little while but then will return causing me to stop, turn it off again...etc etc
I gave some one a jump and the power steering went out and the power steering message light is on I just had this fixed a month ago at gm I am going to call them and see what they say I should do
While driving I heard 3 beeps and then PWR STR was illuminated in the trip mileage monitor. The power steering was gone and it was very hard to turn the steering wheel. Once i turned off the engine and restarted it, the steering was fine. This has happened several times. A friend told me about this problem and that GM is not issuing a recall but that they are repairing the problem at no cost. I have an appointment to get it fixed tomorrow. It had better work!!
Sometimes when I start it it's fine then I see power steering message n it's hard to turn I hate that how can I fix it
I recently purchased a 2007 saturn Ion. When to park last night my steering wheel was hard to turn. When I went to re-park my car this morning, there seemed to be no issue.
I was driving down the road at about 40MPH when my car dinged and a warning message came on reading PWR STR. When I slowed down thats when it got hard to turn and control. I called Saturn and they told me there was a special coverage not a recall. Diffrerence...recall you take your car in right away to get it fixed as with special coverage you only take it in it youre experiencing the problems. The guy told me the special coverage is 10 years or 100000 miles and itll be fixed for free. Have an appointment on friday so we will see.
Driving at a speed of 45 MPH, I lost power steering. At that speed I had some steering control, but extremely stiff. After slowing down to 25 MPH the car was almost impossible to steer. I had my car towed to a GM dealer where it was diagnosed as a failed electric power steering motor. It was repaired as a warranty replacement at no charge to me.
I tried to back out and the steering wheel wouldn't turn...getting it towed to the shop in the morning. I read all the other stories, this ain't right.