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Engine Oil Leaks Due to Porous Engine Block Casting on Honda Odyssey

Problem Description and Possible Solution

The engine may develop and oil leak due to a porous engine block casting. The repair procedure is dependent on where the leak is located. Honda has released a service bulletin covering model years 1999-2003. Honda may offer assistance with repairs, determined on a case by case basis.


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Honda Odyssey Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 157,540 (100,000–223,000)
Engine affected: 3.5L V6
7 model years affected: 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, more2003, 2004, 2005
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I noticed oil on the drive way, I checked the oil filter, no leak. I took i took the car in to get checked out andthey said their was oil comeing from the engine block and running out the bottom of the engin. what can be done tro fix this problem
Not fixed yet... Had routine maintenance (timing belt etc...)... Prior to maintenance, only a slight occassional drip from oil pan seal... After maintenance, now leaking 2-3 or more drops per day... Dealer said engine block was porus near Idler Pulley. Dealer wanted to charge another $700 to tear down and patch with no guarantee. Dealer's Service Mgr was also rude and not dedicated to any customer service. Additionally, called Honda America - they wouldn't give me the time of day due to age and mileage. Van in great shape until they "Fixed" it... In my opinion a dealer should've known about this problem and suspected/checked for it before doing a bunch of expensive repairs on an old van. I hold the Dealer and Honda responsible for this issue... Anyone with suggestions...
This Problem is noilleak on the rear passenger sideof the engine nerthe vte h spoovlve assembly, oil filter assmbly, and above the oil pan. I have replCe the o ring and sal on the oil pressure swit h and the spool vavle. And thegasket bhind the oil filter housing. Still oil leks. The 2, 8mm he plugs are not the cause.ive continually cleaned the area with brake cleaner in attempts to locate the leak but it eems like I must havve a hairline crack, or the engine porosity issue from the honda service bullitin 010009. I wish honda had this I formation available to consumers easier. As I love honda and this van everything else has been great but I didnt ever e pect to have such a odd problem from honda and it appears they have ben aware of it. They recommend some fix with jb weld ans som bolts replaced. Any more I fo on what bolts they r talking about would b helpful to at least try to fix.
I can relate. Same problem. Oil leaking from engine block and have been told the only fix is to use jb weld. Dealership tried this already. Either they didn't seal it correctly or another leak started. Have had it looked at by other shops and still haven't gotten it repaired. Leaking enough that i have to add a quart of oil every two weeks and it occasionally smokes from dripping on exhaust. So frustrated.
Oil leaking from top of oil pump. Washed engine, Removed covers and ran engine and saw oil leaking from above oil pump. Removed oil pump and cleaned and re sealed and replaced 3 seals
I have an oil leak on the side of the engine block between the #5&6 pistons about 3 inches below the valve cover. It leaks down onto the bottom of the transmission and hits the exhaust. I could not figure out were it was leaking from as it appeared to be coming from the block itself. Well now I know. I will try using some type of epoxy to seal the block.
I always find the engine oil levels to be halfway in the car after some 1000 miles of change. When i checked the underbody of the car always has engine oil signs
Oil leak coming from passenger side, Driving me crazy. Change the oil pan gasket but it still leaks. Change the oil filter housing gasket still leaking. Can't see were the leak is coming from!! What can I do other than JUNK it.
We had the 105000 service done (yes, a little overdue) along with a few other things. We almost immediately noticed the smell of burning oil in the cabin. After inspecting the topside of the engine and not seeing any obvious problems except that the service tech didn't clean the engine when he was done, I figured that the smell was just some spillage. Two weeks later the problem hadn't gotten any better. When we took the van back and had the same service tech look it over, he immediately noticed that the rear main seal was spraying (not dripping, but in their words "hemmorhaging") all over the exhaust system. We were given a few guesses as to why this happens to a few Odysseys when the drive belt and water pump are replaced, but none of them seem very plausible to me. Not happy.
I just took my Odyssey into the dealer for routine maintenance, 27 point inspection, oil change, etc.
Of course, they come back and tell me my main rear seal is leaking. I tell them I don't see any spots in my driveway (and my wife would!!!) and I've not seen any depletion in oil between changes. I figure, it's getting old so no big deal.
My leak is just above the oil filter housing, at first was thought to be a bad o-ring on the filter, then suggested that the filter housing seal was causing the leak, I replaced that myself and it continues. Cleaned the engine off in that area and watched and sure enough, a small amount of oil seeps thru the block and drips on the floor each day. It's only about a drop a day, I can live with that. My experience with JB Weld on engine blocks is not real positive, I would think that down in this lower area where the block doesn't expand and contract as much as around exhaust manifolds would make it a more reliable fix, and maybe next opportunity I get, I might smear some on to see if it works. I can't complain about the car, rebuilt the trans at 150k for $1800, other than that, it starts and runs fine and will for many more years for me. I use synthetic oil, change once a year at 15k miles. Never add oil between changes.
if you check the oil dip stick dots and when check oil level between these 2 dots ...then I later see oil leak...I must reduce oil level to FIRST DOT then it would be ok
Oil on garage floor. after looking at engine removed rear main seal cover and found oil leaking