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Pontiac Solstice (8 Reviews)
I own a 2007 Solstice roadster and have a problem with water accumulating in the trunk due to rain. The drainage system from the convertible top into the trunk doesn't handle the amount of water. Other than that it's been a great little car for my wife (I don't fit into it very well).
2006 Solstice with leather interior. Leather seats stretch out quickly and the bottom bunches up. Plastic dash and interior door handle bars are quick to get dirty but easily cleaned. Only problem it ever had at 88,000 miles now was a bad Solenoid in the transmission that caused a jerky when shifting to lower gears. Cost about $700 to replace due to transmission labor costs. Otherwise great car, tires have lasted more than a year. Steering is stiff and beware driving over bumps the suspension in the front tires is rather weak and will jerk you to the side no matter how tight you grip the wheel. Biggest complain with this car is lack of trunk space, best pro is standard parts making repairs and oil changes cheap.
Had this car for 45,000 Miles from the dealer. Very few problems but all covered by warranty.
Very fun car to drive but not really comfy on long drives. From Vegas to LA had to take a break. Course I was 65 at the time.
Friends ask " Why do guys your age drive cars like these". My answer is "Because we can".
Great sport car, fun to drive, all kind's of praises from on looker's. Too bad about the ignition problem.
I have 114,000 miles on the car and it runs great. The worst problems are expensive little issues I have never encountered on any other car. The passenger side door handle fell off at 90,000 miles, answer from the dealer, it happens all the time (cost $150.00). GM had a recall on the Buick and other high end SUV's but did not include the Solstice. Had an adjustment to the parking break and the dealer broke the connection, answer from the dealer, it happens all the time, replace rear caliper (cost $320.00). These are things that shouldn't break. Besides these issues the car has run beautifully and I have no engine, transmission issues. It is fun to drive and I hope to get another 100,000 miles out of it.
My car is doing the exact thing as the other person reviewing the2007 solstice. As I am slowing down the brakes suddenly apply really hard scaring te crap out of me!
The Solstice is a really fun car to drive. I've had issues with the car jerking (hard jerks) when slowing down to stop as if the breaks are locking up. Scary!
great little car. fun to drive and the best looking car on the road. good all around mileage even with the stick. a little more trunk space would have nailed it.........