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Pontiac Montana (24 Reviews)
My 2002 Montana's windshield wipers are in the up position when off.
Bought with 14K miles and now with 145K. Except for routine maintenance I have only had to replace the intake manifold gasket and water pump. Now the head gasket is leaking and needs replaced. Engine still runs great with good performance. The plastic bottom panel hides the rust well. No electrical problems. It has been very reliable.
Purchased a 2000 extended version used in 2006. Must say that it has proven to be very reliable. Started having some "kick" in the tranny but it wasn't a major problem. The headlights would always be half filled with water. Had the headlights replaced and they filled up again. This happens very often. Because the van had 250,000 plus miles on it, I decided to have the motor and trans changed. Now the steering won't turn, and for some reason the van will not start up with the key. A push button was put in to make it start. But still has problem with steering.
Purchased a 2003 Montana with about 20,000 miles on it. The thing with the Montana is that a lot of annoying little things go wrong. The fuel gauge does not work, warning lights go off when there are no actual problems, lower plastic side panel gets knocked off in a car wash, doors have to be unlocked/locked and unlocked again to open ... it does not inspire confidence. I am very fortunate that my mechanic is a good friend and never tries to squeeze money from me for these 'non-issues'.

To be fair, the Montana has gotten me and my family from point A to B. Like another person mentioned, this vehicle has its warts (maybe with a hair growing out of it) and you'd rather not take her to your high school prom - still, the engine, drive-train, braking system have never let me down.

Regular maintenance is the key.
I have a 2005 Montana. It has been a very reliable car. I have put quite a few brake pads on the car seems to go thru them and then they squeal. I replace about every 30000 miles. My main issue with it now is that from a cold overnight start I get bad gas fumes once car warms up there are no more fumes. Still trying to locate what is causing it. Took it to the shop and they say I have no leaks. They have had me put in fuel injector cleaner says they should help I am on second bottle and still has the smell.
bought pontiac with 35,900 miles on it, drove to 38,800 miles and the trans. burnt up coming home on the turnpike in pa.had to get it towed to local trans. shop. they told me this is common on gm cars--years 1999--2001 because GM BOUGHT a new type of bearing to put in trans. to save a dollar for each car---wow---that bearing cost me 2,700 to have shop rebuild the trans. in that montana. thanks for all your help GM!!!called and no one wanted to listen, NOW MY ENGINE ? with 107,000 needs exhaust manifold gaskets, since the engine sits side ways mech. says he has to drop engine and trans. , to do so he has to drop uni--body to pull them out of car to repair gaskets. lets see now all of that, plus my cd doesn t play anymore? and gas gauge does not work ? ITS NO WONDER GM WAS FOLDING UP! I LL NEVER BUY ANOTHER GM-------STANDS FOR GET MAD!!!!!!! OR GET UR MONEY?????? I NEVER SEEN SO MANY CHEVYS ,OLDS,PONTIAC S,IN THE JUNK YARDS-----ITS BULL SHIT-------TRANS BLOWN UP,ENGINES BLOWN UP, COOLANT LEAKS INTO MOTORS-BLOWN UP---TOO BAD OBABAMA BAILED THEM OUT -----WE SHOULD VE SENT GM OVER TO BUILD IRAQ S----MILITARY VECH.S------------SHIT WE WOULD NT OF HAD TO FIRE BULLETS AND MISSLES AT THEM---------THIER VECH.S WOULD OF BLOWN UP IN DUE TIME ---WE WIN AGAIN!!!!!! ANYONE IN IRAQ WANT A PONTIAC FREE?????
vehicle is giving me so much stress now it will not start at all pcm fuze keeps blowing will not allow vehicle to even over turn every thing is going hay wire smoke came from dash 1 day and now i dont know what 2 do 5 diff mechanics no answer
Every time I have my oil changed (3000 miles) the engine light comes on after approx. 100 miles. I keep taking it back and they do something under the dash to turn it off. I am getting tired of taking it back and would like to know how to do it myself.
This same Montana now, AAmco says it needs a range switch pin...inside the transmission does not know that the car is in park. so they want to rebuild the transmission. Labor. a small piece inside the transmission and it causes the whole transmission to need rebuillding? This is very stressful.
I have had my Montana since 2002, 125K+ miles. There are some annoyances and warts, I never worry about taking it anywhere in any weather.
I have 2002 Extended Montana Van which I bought new. I've had it 7 years now it has 85000 miles on it and this years I've spent over $3000.00 on it so far. Few year A/C quit blowing cold air it was a leak in condenser at seam which cost like $1200 to fix. This year the transmission started shifting rough when engine got warm, they overhauled valve body for $1800.00 everything else looked good in transmission at 82,000 miles. Few months later intake manaifold started leaking antifreeze cost $900.00 and now the A/C water is not draining properly, it's soaking the drivers floor really bad in which I took to dealer they had for day and tell me they got hose unplugged but still something blocking the water from draining and want $1500.00 to take dash a part. I got found a GM Tech to do it at his home. I getting ready to sell vehicle now it's time. It was good car up to 6 years old. When they start getting old it's starting to nickel and time me.
I bought mine used, and it came with electrical problems. Still hunting some of them down even now, a year later. There is plenty of power for this van, and it does so much better than the Dodge Caravan. I have the extended van, and have been able to haul three 3/16" sheets of drywall, a fullsize couch and other items in the back without too much problem. We've also had it full of kids. The seats in the middle are extremely hard to get out so we just tend to fold them down.
I purchased the car in 2006 it was a 2005 with 360000 miles. It now has 850000 miles and has penny and dined me to death. First the fan belt, right door electric window stopped, then the wind shield wipers , then the electric mirrors, and today the cargo door came off the right side and the left side is making the same noise as the right side before it came off. I brought a used hyundai the same year a 2002 with 104000 miles and have had no problems.
I have a 2000, it has 140,000 miles on it & I put every one of them on there. This has been a great van for me. After 10 years I put it in the shop for the first time yesterday.
2002 Pontiac Montana, 67,000 miles and the air quits. Mechanics estimate $1200-$1500. Will never buy another GM product. I'm a firm believer that vehicles should not have major mechanical problems, no matter the age, with fewer than 100,000 miles.
Purchased new, every option. Excellent vehicle. 45000 miles to date no problems. One complaint, oil filter is very hard to reach and remove without spilling.
Lame vehicle. Doesn't do the job.
The van looks good and the interior is good. It does have a lot of minor maintance issues on a regular basis. Right now our transmission gear selector cable is broke so it's stuck in drive. The wiper blade transmission needs replaced, and the ABS trouble light it on.
Very solid van. Cool exterior (mock suv), great ride. Pros: huge power (its crazy how powerful the engine is, you can actually smoke your tires in this); great handling and ride; great interior comfort (air/heat in front, mid, & back); comfy seats; highly reliable van. Cons: poor placement for DVD controls (you cannot adjust movies for little ones without leaning way back or being in back); rear seats suck to fold up or to take out/put back in (they are heavy too rigid, and are not labeled for ease of reentry).
Brakes just are not the greastest on this model
I wanted to support the American car makers and steer away from foreign car makers. Bought it used with 11,000 miles. Now have 111,000 miles. so far replaced the AC compressor (blown gasket), Condensor coil (poor weld), 3 wheel bearings, rear shocks, intake manifold gaskets 3 times, 2 alternators, 2 batteries, computor, OX sensor, Head gaskets/valve grind. Now driving around with a DVR because the dealer can't solve electrical trouble, driving down the road and engine dies, gas gage goes to empty and computor locks the engine so it will not even try to start, now with code P0122 and P0452 dealer replaced battery, alternator, burnt pins on back of instement cluster. now waiting for the next time it dies so trouble can be recorded on the DVR. One fix worth shareing is with the headlights, operate on the fixture and remove the shelding around the bulb and using a different bulb but you will have to switch 2 wires in the socket, ground will be on the wrong pin some work but the improvement is worth it
Bought with 25,000 miles on it; now has just turned 100,000. The intake manifold gasket was replaced under warranty (an inherent problem with this model). The transmission had issues around 95,000 miles, but had it repaired (solenoid?) and have always had it serviced per manual. Had the 100K tune-up done and it runs fine. Gets 26/mpg on the interstate! Does not use oil.
Works just like it should, Bought it brand new a few minor things have gone wrong but they were all taken care of in the first 3 years and were repaired under warranty.
Brought the van when it was brand new and 10 years later there are a few issues.
The roof leaks by the center of the top of the windshield and no one can find where its coming from.
The trans shifts rough from first to second.
The complete exhast system has rust holes through it from the engine to the muffler.
The power sliding door has casued it to go to the dealer at least 5 times and still does not work.
Both front windows are coming off track.
First engine had to be replaced.
Power driver seat does not work.
Auto leveling shocks in the back kept coming on when it was parked to the point where it killed the battery a few times and had to be disconnected.
Have replaced the therostat on the current engine.
Windshield wipers dont park correctly.
Windshild washer fluid sprayer does not work on the windshield, just in the rear.
Now it needs a new water pumd or the head gasket is bad.