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Pontiac G6 (25 Reviews)
I have just bought a 2007 G6 GTP 4dr Sedan with the 3.6 VVT engine and 56,000 miles. This is my second G6, previous was a 3.5-V6 SE traded after 110,000 miles. Love the looks, ride and handling of this car. I'm a Brit and this car is as close to Euro cars as you'll get from this side of the pond. Performance is right up there with my 3-liter Jag X-type (smaller car) space inside is better than my 2007 E-class Mercedes was. Plastics are mediocre, but then the car costs a fraction of both those Euro-motors. Worst thing about these G6's is the premature wear on the suspension (needing new control arms and shocks already), plus the knocking from the steering (common to both cars, not a safety concern, just annoying). This car cruises at 100+ without issue - smooth and quiet.
Good car I have had for 8 years. Picked as certified car it's a base model with a four cylinder. G6 runs and drives like new good car but things are happening quickly as brakes need replacing more often. Steering pump just went out at 110K, NOW I need to replace 02 sensor and new starter. Interior dash light keeps flickering its the check engine light had several mechanics believe a malfunction as I got several parts replaced but waste money because thought engine required some work that wasn't it. Still runs well guess being a nine year old car must be time getting new car want let that fool me because car is reliable just has its ups/downs most times. I've had a mechanic to run test on most things able drive out of state. It doesn't burn drop of oil one good thing as long runs and drives that ok with that still satisfied.
Starting at 46000 miles my service air bag comes on and off.More often in the winter.I would like to know where the connection is so I can fix it.Would be good if Pontiac would put that problem on recall.

My husband bought his car last year, we have only had it for a couple of months , and most of the time it's at the auto shop. The flexplate keeps breaking , it has already been fixed like 2-3 months and has a new transmission and know we are having a problem with the flexplate again . Since the time we bought it we have really had the car for almost 2 months to ourselves with no problems besides that it's always at the autoshop getting fixed.
I have my pontiac for five yrs. it has 130,000 miles on it.I have not had any issues with it. and now everything is starting to act up. my power steering has been locking up. and my drivers side window will not let down anymore. but i'm going to fix her up and keep on moving because i love my car.
I have 120,560 miles on and had very few problems..nothing major yet..i know now with all these miles if I will start seeing the major problems.i am hoping that I can get by another year with few problems..right now I am in no position to dish out 1,000 of dollars if something big were to happen..i say a prayer evertime I get into my "little green machine". wish me luck guys.and alittle prayer for me won't you think I can get another 40,000 out of her if taken care of..any replys will help my nerves. thank you .Katie.
501,000 km great car.
replaced control arms 3 times drivers, 2 times passenger. - sawed 1/2" off of the front bolt for ease of removal.
Has steering go manual (recall problem) about 3 times a year. - Solution: turn off, then start again.
Replaced tie rods, and other maintenance items per normal.
Has the standard electical problem with gas cap, program fault.
Has a problem with the driver's door reported open, sensor fault.
Binger does not work anymore - GREAT! (should be an option)
Very plain car with few bells and whistles - less to go wrong...
Zip should be T0H 2C0 - Hythe Alberta Canada
I've owned this car for 7 years and never had a problem. At 115 000 miles Im just changing my shocks and struts for the first time. all I ever did was change the oil every 3,000 miles and change the breaks a couple of times. Completely happy with my car. Ive beenbuying Pontiacs since 1960. Im going to miss them. Never had a bad one.
+Have a 2007 Pontiac G6 and nothing but problems.Dr door is jamb shut no way of opening it,gotta crawl through to drivers seat.Then passenger outside door handle broke,while opening door,can't lock doors,if I don't forget have to leave passenger window down in order to crawl in Asked a lot of guys mach.... so forth to no avail
I love my G6! It has great accelleration and power, more than expected for a 4 cyl. Sporty look and lots of room , interior and trunk. It's bigger than it looks. Handles well in snow with the front wheel drive and with front cables, is unstoppable in icey conditions. Having some confusion with check engine light right now, differing codes than will clear up. Don't know yet what's up with that. One of the best cars I've ever had, very satisfied.
On the whole, i still love my car. The issues i have encountered since i bought it (2 years ago). 1)The stock tires were HORRIBLE in the rain (still had great tread). So much i refused to allow anyone else to drive it unltil i bought new tires. 2)My interior light has never come on. What a pain when its dark. 3)Sometimes it will not start. I move the shifter out of park then back to park and THEN it will start. btw, i have the 6 cyl 2-door.
I've never been so ready to get rid of anything like this in my life! Looks can be deceiving.
I just bought a G6 and the only problem i have is that my interior light always works with the door but sometime when you use the map light it dont work and when you open the door and push the map light it would turn off..... i dont know what to think?????
I have a complaint , in which my car decided to not place itself in PARK as my gear shifter indicated. The power doors would not pop open when it was in PARK, and continued to ROLL. I then could not start the car in PARK, and ONLY in NEUTRAL. I then tried to replace it back into PARK and it was NOT IN PARK , and proceeded to ROLL.
I had to place VEHICLE in my GARAGE and place EMERGENCY PARKING BRAKE. 2 hours later mycar decided to START in PARK as it should, and I took it straight to dealer in OAKLAWN ILL. They diagnosed problem as SHIFTER CABLE INTERNAL FLAW ,and said that I could use my EXTENDED WARRENTY in which I pay a 250 deductible. I replied that there is a recall and gave a
NHTSA # 09V073000
THERE IS NO RECALLS ON YOUR 2008 G6 is what I was told,and nothing I could do about it,but pay the deductible.
I filed a complaint with NHTSA, and do not feel that this is MY RESPONSIBILITY.
PONTIAC will loose my buisness, and will be a fight to get this problem on the recall list.

Please if you are experiencing this lets get PONTIAC to fix their PROBLEM !!!
Recently purchased My 08' G6 4cyl for my fiance, it has been running fine although the past week we had issues 1.) The driver side rear door half the time it wont unlock. 2.) The issue started happening yesterday, While driving to work my fiance had the cruise control on (like she always does) but this time halfway to work the Service Traction Control light came on and kicked off the cruise control. She tried to turn the cruise control back on but no luck. After work the same thing she was driving home and Service Traction Control came on and kicked off the cruise control. Has anyone else had this issue? If so what is causing this and how do I go about repairing this? Thank you for reading this and I appreciate any help.
I have a G6 GTP Hardtop Convertible. Love the fact that the back seat is comfy and big. Would love it better if it had been a 4 door as I didn't realize I would be a grammy and have to load and unload a baby seat in the back seat.
"Top not secure" error message started out intermittent, but now is constant. I have been able to put the top up and down all summer so I let it go, but now would like to have use of the trunk, which does not open, either with fob or trunk lid button on door. I think the rear window defroster does not work either.
I also have an oil leak that the dealership told me could be any one of 4 areas and gave me an estimate of $1300 for all four leaks. I guess it would be less if they are lucky and get it right the first time... The post about the redesigned gasket is interesting. I may start there.
I have 82,000 miles on this car. It is red and must have a target painted on it because it was rear-ended about 4 months after purchase (new). Within the first 5 months I had the car, it spent 12 weeks in the shop, 6 weeks to fix a problem with the convertible top that they had to wait for parts to be made available, and another 6 weeks in the body shop after the rear-end accident due to having to order 5 trunk lids before they got one that wasn't so damaged that they couldn't use it. I had more miles on a rental car than the new car...
I love my car, the GTP upgrade is well worth it. Fully loaded, the sound system is great. I have a two year old son, theres plenty of room for him without kicking the seat. It handles great in all weather. The only problem i have had is the replacement of tires are pretty expensive, but thats all i have bad to say.
Tires are the worst stock ever seen replace them with other tires from another make and you should have a good car. eat brake but so far wagner thermal quiets are great they dont gwt eaten by this car. had to change pads at 43,000 mile steering good but not as good as Audi A4 back in 1993.pontaic G6 2007.
great car... I have a 2007 its almost 2011, car is great. I have a G6 v6.... factory tires were horredous being an "upgraded base" its understandable... 17 in wheels on hankooks. I put a set of cheap BFGs on the car and it is amazing.

I am a florida boy, no issues whatsever with brakes of anything, in the mountains of NC on trips I did have the rotors warp, but they cooled and unwarped. This car has given me 0 problems whatsover, I just hit 47,000 miles on it. Granted it is still new, but I have nothing but confidence for it. It is the sole vehicle that my newborn son rides in.

I will admit backseat is tight with Graco carriage/carseat installed, and trunk is not "ideal" for installing a stroller... but all honesty, in a midsized sedan, I canot think of anything that woudl do the job better. Back seat size is not better even in small SUV/Crossovers. Trunk size is better, but then again we are talking an SUV.

as car talk goes... I am not a normal schmo.. I am a huge huge car guy, and also an FAA certified Airframe and Powerplant mechanic employed by Boeing. If I had my way financially, I would own a G8 GXP, but I cannot afford. Either way, pontiac is best bang for the buck since they have been shut down.
Great car. Fast, sporty, awesome handling & smooth acceleration. I own a GTP model, fully loaded and worth it. Only issue: After a couple of years had a problem with the passenger side headlight having a crack which allowed rain/moisture to get in it so had to replace that.
Great car, great handling. Mediocre at best stock tires.
This car is a LOT of fun to drive with razor sharp handling and swift acceleration. We have never had any problems with it. The Monsoon stereo sounds fantastic and the audio controls on the steering wheel is a nice touch. It's just a great cruisin' car. The car is also very good in the snow
NOt a bad little car, seems to go through brakes though and I am not too fond of the "LOW" profile tires.
Expensive to replace...
I love the way this car handles.
Reliable; handles extremely well; nice smooth ride.