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Pontiac Bonneville (17 Reviews)
I had this car for 10 years. It gets me back and forth where I need to go. Bonneville is a solid vehicle purrs at 30 mph and a comfortable car. Living in Wisconsin hasn't rust or corroded so happy with that. At 115,778 miles use Lightweight oil 1000miles change spark plugs between (60,000-75,000miles) very classy car running cond. Believe it or not its a '90 model but looks like a 2015 model year car all original only things got done would be regulator for side window, tires, oil pump/radiator, water pump, struts and shocks etc. Drove to Florida still gets 25 mpg for this midsize car. Color is Lt. blue with navy interior all of my power equipment still works well even cruise control and air conditioner blows ice cold ac as heater toast me up doing the coldest winters ever. I would drive my Bonneville as long has lots of life left in it, changing oil and routine services car flawless these vehicles like this one are very rare finding in pristine condition.
Purchased 95 Bonne in 2006 w/106m miles, supercharged SE w/ auto climate controls, leather w/black exterior and love this car. Replaced the supercharger and manifold gaskets and have not had any issues since. Now have 164m as I avoid driving this car on bad weather days, trying to keep it from rusting prematurely in this MN salt environment. I have had several early to mid 90's Bonnes and several 2000+ Bonnes and have found the older Bonnes to be much more reliable than the 2000's.
Bought this car brand new, and just sold it at 200,000 miles - my auto tech said it would easily last another 100,000 miles. Great car with lots of features that are not on my 2004 bonneville. Some rust along the bottom of the doors - very minor. Otherwise, was in great condition.
Owned my Bonneville from 2005 to 2011. My favorite car ever. No major issues with it in all the time I owned it. Got it serviced regularly, replaced brakes, tires, serpentine belt, and had tune up at 100,000 miles. Replaced battery (after I found it - under back seat - my least favorite thing about the car). I put over 70,000 miles on it while I owned it and it has over 135,000 on it total and still running fine. For me, it was an excellent car.
I bought this car last october with 170 on it havent had but minor issues mainly with wheel hub and bearings. Brakes are a bit weird. But in all its a beautiful car. Reliable and roomy. I believe that it was maintained well by previouse owner. no real signs of excissive wear on interior or exterior. No one believes its a 93. Alot of the issues I am facing come with high milage. Some say I shouldnt have bought and others say for the 1500 I paid they dont see where I have room to complain. with the price comes issues any how right. By the way I am an olds person my self but The bonnie would have been my 2nd. Olds are the best hands down. to bad they arent making them anymore.
got 1 for sale for $3500.00 obo 107k 540 419-3438
This is my second Bonneville, first in 1984. Nice sturdy vehicle.interior is adequate comfortable. Good solid brake system. Transmission went out at 90,000 miles. Ok except for the computer system which has problems. Smooth running. Replaced the serpentine belt at approx 90,000 miles. Replaced the catalytic converter & exhaust system at 140,000. Heating & A/C run great, no problems so far. Suspension is great, power steering rack went bad, have to add fluid periodically. Overall, a very reliable vehicle..
This is my 3rd bonneville. I started with the 94. All have been the ssei (super charger). The 94 definitly had the most power! I think they must have later, put a govener on them. On my 2000 and 2003 I have had repeated problems with the steering. It clunks and grinds. They have a defective part in them that you can replace, but it eventually does the same thing with the new part. They have a bad front end design. The seat heater went out in the 2000 and the 03. The car looks good, rides great, has good performance, but definitly has mechanical issues. Also had a leak in the intake manifold, ended up installing a new crank and bearing. Guess its a common problem with these.
This is a great car, 170,000 mile and still running strong. no problems at all, and it beats a mustang gt off the line with the right tuning haha
Dad drove 130k in 2.5 years w/ no problems. I have had it for 5 years and 50k miles and no problems other than normal maintence.
This is my second Bonni and I just love it. I have had only minor problems from it and with good maintenance, it runs great! Right now it has 160,000 miles and still running strong.
I bought this car at 1 1/2 yrs old. It was a lease car with 43,000. I now have 280,000 miles on this car and still love it. No major problems, I keep oil changes and maintenance done regularly.
I have a 2000 Bonneville, and it is my favorite car. but it as its problems as well. i have put a transmission in it, brakes(more than once), intake, it caught on fire!!!!. my control arm is bad, roters, axle,window motor. i've put alot of money into it, but im willing because its my dream car.
1995 Pontiac Bonneville - bought new - now has about 150,000 miles on it. I REALLY like this car. Mine is green with gray leather; spoiler on the back, and still in very good shape. Before I bought this car, I saw it parked next to what I think was a Lexus. It had much nicer lines and looked like somethng I just had to have. Even though there's been a few problems, I have no regrets. I now get about over 20 mpg city with a 200hp 6 cylinder engine. It rides nice, quiet, comfortable, and has great power even at 13 years old. I don't have the fancy HUD or steering controls but it's still a great car. Unfortunately, it doesn't have much of any resale value which is good if you want to buy one. There still a few out there will low mileage, fully loaded, but only around $2000. Many have had the usual car problems found with this model and have been fixed by the time you get it. I just got into a very minor 5 mph accident with a 2008 Nissan Maxima. My pasenger side front bumper met her driver side from bumper. Only damage to my car was the $40 marker light was broken. Damage to her car was a 2 foot round indent, bumper pulled from the body, and broken fog lights. My point, it's a very solid and safe car.
So now for the bad news. The rear brakes are drum type and if the car sits in a humid area, they squeel bad for about 1 minute until the moisture gets out. The car might stall on you and then start up again after about 5 minutes. This is due to bad coils which is about $200 to replace. I've gone through 2 transmissions but that was mostly because I was manually shifting everytime I got on the freeway. The 1995 Bonneville is mostly a winter car and the sun can heat up the car a lot in the summer. You must have a working air conditioner.
I really really like this car and almost bought another one even though it's an older model. I don't see the same style in newer vehicles. They all start to look the same after a while. I bet if you took 5 of the same type of car and put them next to each other without the names plates, you wouldn't know who was what. Not so with the Bonneville. With the 2008 economy the way it is, you might consider not purchasing a new or newer vehicle but go with one of these. Their resale value is not that good but once you feel the comfort and value of this car, I think you'll agree it's a great car.
This is my last Pontiac, I'm trading it in on a Camry. I bought Pontiac's top of the line, the Bonneville. I bought the SE version. The engine has a great sound, and the acceleration is excellent. I bought it with 22k miles on it, and in 7 years, I have it up to 58k miles on it. In that time, I've replaced 2 window motors, the intake manifold, the strut mounts, wheel bearings, and the secondary steering shaft twice, and the brakes more times than I should have had to given the age and miles.
The steering shortly after I bought it got to be creaky. It pretty much has stayed that way.
The buttons on the interior are cheap, and the paint has worn off the radio buttons. There are a couple of rattles on the interior.
The car handles great, rides very well, and has plenty of power. I like the looks, it's just typical of GM, lots of promise with poor execution.
The Bonneville has held together quite well. The intake may leak causing the engine not to run but after that is taken care of the engine performs quite well. If you like the looks, this may be the car for you.