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Engine Noise While Idling or After Cold Start on Jaguar S-Type

Problem Description and Possible Solution

On this V8 engine, timing chain problems are very common. Because the timing chain tensioners were made from plastic, they can fail prematurely and cause serious engine damage. A noticeable engine noise while idling or during a cold start can indicate a timing chain tensioner problem. The engine noise may also be accompanied by a rough or uneven engine idle. Improved components are available to remedy this problem.

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Jaguar S-Type Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 88,924 (6,600–185,890)
Engines affected: 3.0L V6, 4.0L V8
4 model years affected: 2000, 2002, 2005, 2008
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made a strange noise while in park idling shhut motor off for 10 minutes tried to restart and no-go both tensioners broke during start up and chains stretched (I know how does metal stretch?) dealerships will rape and violate your ass, but they have the parts and tools to do the job. good luck.
My engine died one day. No compression on the left bank. The secondary timing chain had broken. One of the shoes of the tensioner had broken and had deep sprocket marks in the plastic. I think the plastic shoe broke first and then jammed between the sprocket and the chain which subsequently broke. Plastics tend to deteriorate in heat by losing their plasticiser and become brittle.
Plastic tensioners on timing chain broke. Shreds all over inside the engine. They need to clean, replace, THEN test for further damage. Skip this step and buy a used replacement engine with the money saved. Install chain with metal tensioners. If it didn't happen to you yet. Replace your timing chain with metal tensioners.
when starting my car the idling began then would idle down not sure what the problem is