Coolant Loss and Engine Overheating on Jaguar S-Type

Problem Description and Possible Solution

The plastic coolant reservoir is prone to leak. The reservoir can mysteriously lose coolant or coolant may pool under the engine compartment. If this occurs, the coolant reservoir should be inspected for cracks. If leaks are neglected, the reservoir may fail and cause the engine to overheat.

Problem Data
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Average mileage: 87,310 (500–158,000)
Heating & Air Conditionings affected: 3.0L V6, 4.0L V8
7 model years affected: 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, more2004, 2005, 2006
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Engine is not overheating. Leak starts as soon as I park and turn off the engine. No indications that the paddle of coolants are coming from the engine. Accumulated paddle is below the coolant reservoir. No indication of leak when the car is park for a long time.
Persistant loss of anti freeze, checked hoses, dealer said I needed a new high pressure hose, $400 later I still had the leak. I found that the bottom of the plastic reservoir was cracked. I purchased one from for $45 and replaced it myself.
Same deal. Coolant backflowing, no internal heat/defrost, etc. and my performance has dropped considerably. "Trusted" mechanic quoted me $800 to replace reservoir and lower PCV valve grommet assembly. Looks like I can get the parts online for $110 and take the hour necessary to replace it myself, unless anyone has info on something I'm missing here?
Discovered a anti-freeze leak and discovered that the coolant reservoir where the little hose enters at the top of bottle is leaking
i brought it to a repair shop at est. 90,000 and had the coolant reservoir replacement, Had to do it again at 106,000 miles. Seems like an ongoing problem.

I also have this jerking problem when transmission shifts to first gear. I brought it to the dealer in 2007 and then I think in 2009 and they stated that they could not see the problem. I have been dealing with this jerking problem ever since.
coolant leak on wifes car, she was told it is from reservoir and fender has to be taken off to replace. I just looked at and think thats crapp
First my lower hose cracked, the replacement was $300+, I noticed some anti freeze still leaking and found the the leaking was from the reservoir, cost about $60.00.
just spontaneously began leaking when i inspected it myself i noticed the trail from the reservoir
at 500 miles my thermistate was replaced, at 1200 miles leak in coolent tank and it has bee replaced 4 times along with water pump 4 times I think I got a lemon.
I had a leak for about a week from reservoir I took it to a shop and they found a crack.on the bottom they replaced it for 260 dollars. Ouch
very slight coolant lose, found very small crack in coolant reservoir.
Replaced with new reservoir from Ford dealer. 2000 Lincoln LS (same tank)