Peeling paint on Hyundai Sonata

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Hyundai Sonata Vehicles With This Problem

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Paint is peeling on my hood,roof,trunk lid and Hyundai refuses to do anything about it. The car had about 41,000 miles on it when it started peeling.

My car is white. The paint began to peel off in larger chips just above the windshield, and along the front corners of the hood. It has gotten progressively worse over the years. I've taken my car to 4 different body shops to inquire about repainting the car. Each one has told me this is paint failure and should have been covered under warranty.

The problem Im having with my 2007 Sonata is the paint is peeling off like nail polish. And rusting on the hood near the wiper blades. Squiking front end during cold weather.

Peeling paint on hood, roof & trunk lid

the paint on my 2007 Hyundai sonota peels off to metal with the slightest wash ., I am the second owner and have owned the car nearly 2 years the previous owner said it was a factory defect and I should check with recalls

The paint is chipping off my vehicle. It's so bad that I no longer can wash the car without loosing paint. The hood, trunk, side doors.

The paint began removing itself from the car in occasional spots as though it was pitted by some object striking the paint. As time progressed, the paint removal area grew and one could visually see paint bubbling and removing itself from the undercoat. The longer more time that passes, more areas appear and the paint delamination increases. The ares of delamination become quite large and numerous. Hyundai only responds with paint is warranted for 3 years. At issue will be the necessity of getting Hyundai to take ownership of the issue as defective paint application and not a matter of warranty to properly applied paint.

A friend pointed it out to me in May 2016. Just above the windshield there were five (5) areas of chipped paint down to the metal. Also there were four (4) areas of chipped paint just above the chrome grill on the front of the car. I went to MB Hyundai that same day to report it and for an oil change and info on a recall. Exact mileage will be on that paperwork (if needed). I was disappointed my concern about the paint peeling was not considered Hyundai's problem. I asked what would he do to the car if I were to trade it in... of course, they would correct the problem then reduce the amount for the repair from the value to me. Not something I thought was fair. Especially as it is a problem with numerous cars. With continued pressure on them, the Service Manager, Brook Billmeyer took me to their "collision repair company" for an estimate of cost to repair the problem. After many phone calls he told me the MB Hyundai dealership would cover $400 of the $1300 estimate and I would have to pay the difference of $900. In the meantime, there are more chips in both areas and rust is starting to appear on some of them.

Was washing my 2007 sonata in the yard and sprayed it with water hose and paint peeled off on the hood.

paint peeling on front side fenders, I went to the dealership, and they said it was normal wear and tear.

Paint is peeling very badly.

Purchased a white 2007 Sonata new in July 2007. Paint started peeling off hood and roof in early 2011. Went to dealer who blew me off - lots of stall tactics, etc. Area Hyundai representative did the same. Car now has paint peeling all over - hood, roof, trunk, fenders, trunk, etc. I will drive it until it rusts through and then challenge the warranty that way. Will never buy a Hyundai again.

from the2nd month a bought it the paint has been peeling off like crazy

2009 SANTA FEE color : WHITE--- mine too. noticed small spots of rust when i bought it, used; a year ago. didnt think anything of it, now those rust spots are peeling everywhere....and NOW there is a 12 inch completely peeled off spot right above the drivers side right above the windsheild. WTF???? hyundai???? ok a car body shop repairman told me this is because the car stood way too long on the assembly line, the PRIMER dried too fast and didnt bond with the final paint???? Lovely. a year old car and now i have to put thousands into re painting it. Repair body shop guy said white cars seem to be affected more. AND hyundais and GM cars .... the tops get it most where the sun hits he said. its going to cost me $1700 to repair. Now, my husband owned a hyundai accent long before i bought mine, its white and it is NOT peeling paint anywhere. WTF hyundai, NOT HAPPY--- rest assured I will never ever buy another hyundai again.

the roof started to flake off. color is pearl white.

Drove home in the rain, when I parked the hood of my car is missing about 16" of paint. 5 different spots, down to the primer. Roof has had paint missing along window line since 2011. Looks awful and is starting to rust. Have to pay $500 deductible to get fixed. Won't be buying Hyundai again anytime soon

Paint peeling off the roof and hood of my 2008 Sonata. Leaves raw metal open to the elements.

Paint pealing on roof surface near the front window. Size of a dollar bill.
Body shop diagnosed problem. Have yet to remedy but they said it would require striping paint and repainting.

Paint peeling from hood and a-frame

having the same issue, although mine is peeling on the hood; trunk; and top by the sun roof. I cant seem to fid the same matching color