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passenger fornt auto. door lock on Honda Accord Hybrid

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when pessing the door key pad,the key into the lock or the driver door lock butten all doors respond except the front passenger door. To lock the car I have to reach over and manualy open or lock it. I have undone the neggative side of battery waited one hour and reset code and time but to no avail. Any Help or is this adealer only idem .
My key button will not unlock the drivers door. Once I physically unlock the drivers door the key button will unlock the rest of the doors. When I press the button it makes a sound like it's trying to unlock it but won't.
Front passenger door lock has to be manually locked/unlocked. Driver's door does not unlock with remote. Have to use remote to disable alarm, then use key in door lock to open. Dealer replaced frozen key cylinder on driver's door and advised too expensive to replace actuators so have to operate manually.
The door lock actuators on both front doors failed at about 80k miles. I spent $40 for a shop manual and $25 x2 for new actuators. The first door took 2 hours to fix and the second took 45 minutes. Now the remote locks work flawlessly. If you try this yourself, make sure you have a #3 Phillips driver and you may need an impact driver.
Passenger door lock does not work but all of the other door locks work. It started by only the passenger side unlocking, then shortly after completely not working at all, but only passenger side.
Passenger door lock doesn't work with remote, or electric locks. Have to manually lock and unlock. Must be a something stupid if this many people have the exact same problem.
Passenger door will not unlock or lock with key our remote. Have to manually lock and unlock door.