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Parasitic Battery Drain on Chrysler LeBaron

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refer to report #1 battery drain. I ended up putting a battery cutoff connection on the battery terminal(cost was about $20). A bit inconvenient but easy to work and saves your battery overnight. So far so good.
Can't sit over night without battery being drained. Took it to 2 different mechanics, paid a ton, they took apart the dash, tested it and found no parasitic draw, replaced the battery and alternator, and it was like new for a few months. Now its happening again. Still no clue but I'm going to work on it myself and check all the lines shortly.
Battery drains overnight. When first started(slow crank), check engine light comes on. After shut off and restart, light goes out. Mechanic says there is a voltage problem. I replaced battery,starter,starter relay,fuel pump. Ran well after initial battery and starter replacement for about 3-4 months. Has been an intermittent problem for about 3 years. Any guesses?