Suzuki Grand Vitara Problem Report

Suzuki Grand Vitara Oil Leak/Noise Due to Timing Chain Cover Gasket/Tensioner Failure

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The timing chain cover gasket and timing chain tensioner may fail, causing an oil leak or excessive noise. Because removing the timing chain is labor intensive, this can be an expensive repair.

I just boughta 2000 suzuki grand vitara for $500. There is a ticking noise in the front left side by the wheel, also it uses alot of oil. I dont know what it is, but im needing to find out soon. -
I started to hear a ticking noise in the front of the engine. Mechanic said it sounded like a valve. Once the cover was off he realized it was the timing chain guides or tensioner were broken so the chain was banging against the side of the engine. There were also 3 broken teeth from the gear that runs the chain, caused by the slack in the chain. There is no one in my area that works on Suzuki (I bought it used with 51,000 miles) The dealership in the state capital said $2,300.00 to fix. I hired a local mechanic that said he would for $1,300.00. My vehicle has been there for 5 months and still is not fixed. I was about to file a court case but after reading these posts I will rather scrap it as the Vitatra isn't worth the $2,300. to fix. -
Had an oil change, air filter changed and noticed this awful ticking. Took it back to place that changed oil and they used a stethescope and said it was coming from upper oil pan area and they do not work on engines. Took it to dealership and two days later said it was timing chain and tensioners needed replaced. They had it a week and I picked it up, drove home and put in park,let it idle and the ticking is still there, just lower sounding. Going to call them tomorrow to tell them sound still there. -
Went into to Limp Mode and a Suzuki dealer couldn't determine exactly what the problem was so they suggessted replacing almost everything possible on the motor. Wanted $6000 for repairs. Took to another mech.. timing chain needs to be replaced. $1500 quoted. This is hands down the worst piece of $#&* I've ever driven. -
Making very loud ticking sound. Sad to see that this is a known problem but no recall. :( Of COURSE I'm WAYYY beyond my warranty! It's prob cost more to fix it than the car is worth... -
Driving home got off interstate car start to rattle as if it needed oil stopped and checked the oil started it up smoke comes from everywhere -
suzuki baleno 1.8engine start a noise in the timing chain.i order a set from amazon both chains,tenthioners,all the sprokets,and the oil pump.and the upper tenthioner work for a while about 30 minutes and start the noise -
Metal Sound when starting the engine -
I want to go bring my car in for an oil change and they ended up telling me that my timing chain gasket is leaking which interns going to cost me about $1000 to fix it 2010 Suzuki kizashi gts and yes I had the same problem with my headlights actually I only have low beams that I had bought I don't even if I-beams -
I have drips of oil coming down after oil change -
Found chunks of plastic in oil while doing oil change they were pieces that broke off timing chain guards chain rattles loudly. This is a zero tolerance motor so if the chain jumps time to will immediately bend the valves destroying the motor. -
Engine Completely shot, need new engine -
timing chain failure, bent valves, a mess, going to cost me $3000 -
Im guessing timing chain tensioner replacement and timing cover gasket repair...both a pain... -
Increasing ticking noise. Booked in for service but days before due in heard metal grating sound from what I thought was exhaust (front box). Turns out it was timing belt bracket...having read posts here glad i took it in when I did, otherwise could be looking at 1000+ repair bill. Mechanic said very low oil level caused timing belt to slacken ?? No oil warning light though and car regularly serviced (had it from new). Think I will see out next few months to get use of repair and service costs then it's time to say goodbye -
noise in timing chain. when start up. motor running hot. blowing water out fill tube -
Bought used in January. The timing chain cover had a crack in it, as well and has been the most difficult part to get for this repair. When purchased the sound was not there then once it was there it increased. Was also told if not repaired it would eventually damage the engine, which I have also seen commented on in other posts on this site. Was surprised that a car with this low mileage would have such a significant and costly issue. Makes me wonder how long the repair will last?????? Other than this issue, we love the vehicle. -
Got a quote of over $1600 from a Suuki dealer to fix it, so I didn't get it fixed. -
I bought the car used and the first time i went up a hill, my car began smoking. I took it back and they said i had a leak from the gasket. They tightened it down, but i continue to have oil leaking fromm the engine, and the noise has gotten worse. -