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Oil in coolent in rad. Coolent overflow not drawing back into engine. on Honda Civic

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Engine oil mixing with coolent due to headgasket leaking oil into coolent. First time was at 128000 miles. I removed the head & had machine shop rework the head about $300.00 . While i had the head off i pulled the engine (d16y8 v-tech)& trans.from my 1997 civic ex coupe.I replaced both axles along with engine mounts,clutch,heater hoses.vac. lines,cam & crank seals,pan gasket,belts rad hoses,plugs & wires, I was planing on no repairs for a long time as i drive 100 miles a day .
I reassembled the engine & trans using a Hanes 42025 Repair manual. I used my torque Wrench on every bolt & had no leaks !!! first time this ever happended ha ha ! I ran the car with no problums until about 224000 miles when i had the same trouble . This time i removed the head only & had the machine shop rework for $500.00. I replaced the timeing belt & water pump & alt-ps-a/c belts. Now i have 226625. miles and still going .I paid $4100. for the car with 128000 miles on it .I spent about $1000.00 the first rebuild 7 about $1000.00 the 2nd rebuild . Its still better than a car payment & I know the car better. Hope this helps