What Does P2402 Code Mean?

    OBD-II Code P2402 is defined as a Evaporative Emission System Leak Detection Pump Control Circuit

    The Leak Detection Pump is part of the Evaporative Emissions System. After the vehicle has been sitting for a few hours, this pump will turn on and create a vacuum in the EVAP system. The engine computer (PCM) runs this test when the vehicle is off. If the PCM does not see the Leak Detection Pump activate as requested, or does not see a vacuum created in the EVAP System, the PCM will set code P2402.

    Common Problems That Trigger the P2402 Code

    • Evap leak detection pump failure
    • Powertrain Control Module (PCM) failure
    • Wiring issue

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    By , August 12, 2018
    As you might know, Mini/BMW wants you to know nothing about their cars so that their dealerships can make more money, but unfortunately, they staff their dealerships with morons who will only charge you money to over-diagnose problems. That being said, I wanted to weigh in on this problem as I dealt with it recently. 2014 Mini Cooper "S". Unfortunately, I needed to get the car ready for state inspection and needed the "check engine" light to be gone, so I took the advice of several forums and replaced both the gas cap and the Leak Detection Pump.  I got the pump for about $60 on PartGeeks.  Anyway, the light did not clear after the replacements and I couldn't clear it with my OBD resetter.  What did clear it was about 150 miles of driving.  We went for a couple of drives this weekend and the light went off finally.  Sorry that I did both and was unable to definitively figure out whether it was the pump or the gas cap, but I'm extremely happy that it cleared and I can get the inspection with no problems!!