What Does P2339 Code Mean?

OBD-II Code P2339 is defined as a Cylinder 4 Above Knock Threshold

If the fuel injector does not allow sufficient fuel into the cylinder, it will cause the cylinder to run lean. This will create an engine knock. The injectors have a calibration number on the side of them that needs to be entered into the engine computer (PCM) anytime the injector is replaced. If the number is not entered into the PCM, code P2339 will be stored.

P2339 Symptoms

  • Engine may not start
  • Engine may run rough

Common Problems That Trigger the P2339 Code

  • Fuel injector calibration needs to be entered into the PCM
  • Fuel injector failure
  • Powertrain Control Module (PCM) failure
  • Wiring issue

Common Repairs Needed for the P2339 Code

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