What Does P0309 Code Mean?

    OBD-II Code P0309 is defined as a Cylinder 9 Misfire Detected

    When the engine control module (PCM) detects that cylinder nine is not sufficiently contributing to keeping the engine running properly, it will set code P0309.

    P0309 Symptoms

    • Decreased engine performance
    • Increased fuel consumption

    Common Problems That Trigger the P0309 Code

    • Damaged or contaminated spark plug
    • Engine sensor failure
    • Exhaust leak
    • Fuel injector failure
    • Fuel pump failure
    • Ignition coil failure
    • Internal engine failure
    • Powertrain Control Module (PCM) software needs to be updated
    • The fuel does not meet the manufacturer's requirements
    • Vacuum leak

    Common Repairs Needed for the P0309 Code

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