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not shifting in high gear on Nissan Xterra

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tranny sticking, shifting hard and the other day it felt like it was slipping. i'm reading quite a few posts that seem to be having the same problem, I havent solved the problem, was hoping to find someone who knows what to do,hate to buy pts sensor and find out thats not the problem or even worse get new tranny and find out it's something else, Does anyone have any suggestions?
when it's cold out my nissan won't shift into high gear for about 5 to 10 minutes.
Does not go into gear first thing in morning ,it does go into low gear , then eventually hi, I want to fix this before a real problem occurs . Help
trans. slow to shift and shifts harder than normal when it does. Tried some Lucas trans. treatment seemed to help but still concerned as i lost a trans in our pathfinder at a cost of 4,000.00 bux so would welcome any input or advice!!!
Tranny shifts late into high but shudders after shifting. I thought initially I was running over lane departure on the side of the road. tried it several times and determined it was the tranny shifting late and after 3 to 5 secs shudders.
Tranny tranny will go but not into high gears as soon as I hit 50 miles per hour it won't switch what can be the cause of that and how can I fix it what do I need to do or what can I do to rebuild it
Raplaced transmission when it went out the first time. Now when driving mainly on the highway the rpms will shoot up into the 3000 and will not shift . When I take it out of overdrive manually by the shifter I don't have this problem. Had it checked fluid was low. Was not mixing with any other fluids as they checked and was not leaking.
Slipping when put into "D" I can starr off in "1" with no problem.
Will not move in Drive in the morning. If I run for the first mile in Drive 2 then it's mostly fine.