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Abnormal Noise From Front of Engine on Nissan Xterra

Problem Description and Possible Solution

A whining or buzzing type noise may develop from the timing chain area caused by excess slack in the secondary timing chains. Nissan has issued a service bulletin (NTB09-128) regarding this issue. Replacement of both secondary timing chains and their tensioner shoes will be necessary to repair this concern. As part of this repair, the engine oil and filter should also be replaced.

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Nissan Xterra Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 97,865 (14,000–205,445)
Engines affected: 2.4L 4 Cylinder, 3.3L V6, 3.3L V6 Supercharged, 4.0L V6
13 model years affected: 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, more2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
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I have the same problem with my 2007 Xterra. I have the service bulleting and have done some research and found that Nissan will cover this repair for vehicles past their warranty on a case by case basis. My request for repair was denied, which I obviously do not accept. Nissan would not disclose the reasons, but said it was many factors. I inferred the factors were individual based, and not based on the nature of the problem which I believe is incorrect. My research indicates this is an extremely pervasive problem which should have been a recall. I believe this warrants a Class Action Lawsuit which I will be looking into the next few days. I appreciate any inputs that will assist in this effort.
I have a whining sound in my engine, thought might be the belt but not sure. the noise happens when starting the engine when its cold but once the engine runs for a while the noise begins to get lower and lower until you don't hear no more.
Same noise as the others in forum describe. Brought to my mechanic and the timing chains need replacement. 9 hours of labor involved. Currently being fixed. Anticipated bill around $2000. If class action lawsuit is started I am in.
Noticed whining, thought it to be possibles: Belt tensioner and or drive belt itself. Oct, 22, 2013. This is the date i took it to my Nissan dealer of 25 years of owning Nissans. Would trust them to even leave my kids there. Anyway. they told me in a matter of seconds it was the chain. when i got home i did research which brought me here. Saw the service bulletin, and am dissappointed that they got the notice and are deigning to help with the repairs. Two phone calls to Nissan NA. They won't cover or help. out of warranty they say. I'm in process of having my attorneys send a letter. Its their defect, they know about it and yet nothing. I've owned eight nissans over 25 years and this is their answer. not happy consumer. will continue to follow up.
I also have a whining bussing noise coming from my drivers left front motor side. Is this the timing chain that costs almost 2000.00 to fix. There should be a recall on this problem.
Same problem as described above. Really think a class action should be taken. Looks like is gonna be my first and last Nissan.
I developed a whirring noise coming out of the engine. I've had all the belts, including timing belt, changed a couple years ago. Now this noise happens sporadically. Very loud when idling. I have not had it corrected yet, because I was doing research as to what the problem was.
My 2007 Nissan Xterra just started to emit a loud noise from the engine. The Nissan dealership and my Uncle have both diagnosed the problem: the Timing Chain. My Uncle said with such low mileage on my vehicle, regular oil changes at every 3k miles, this should not be an issue. I have found in my research that this appears to be a re-occurring design issue for 2007 Nissan Xterra (NTB09-128). At this time, I have been told I need to replace the timing chain engine which will cost $2k. I am currently going to put a complaint in with Nissan Customer Service.
Just bought this vehicle 2 weeks ago. Immediately started to rattle when in idle. My engine size option was not an option it's a 4.0 6 cylinder engine. I want to know what's the process to correct this issue since I just purchased.
Mechanic at dealer told me that I have timing chain whine when I brought car in for 90K service. Told me that I needed to get chain and tensioners replaced right away or my engine could self destruct at any time. This was part of the $4000 worth of service that he recommended that I do to my car that seemed to be in good condition to me. A couple years and 40K miles later I brought my car to a different dealer because I needed to get the fuel level sensor replaced, and he also told me that I needed to get timing chain replaced. He gave me hard sell telling me that he had another customer who put off the repair and the chain broke and destroyed the engine. I asked a mechanic about it and he said that whine shouldn't be a problem, but that it needs to be replaced if it develops a rattling sound. He also said that he typically replaces xterra timing chains at around 200K miles. It's now been almost 80K miles since the first dealer told me it needed to be fixed immediately. Whining is louder and annoying, but still no rattling.
Buziing, rattling and whining noise from driver side of engine. Two mechanics identified it as timing chain rubbing on something. Pat warranty, so hopefully there will be a recall?
Whinning noise coming from passenger side front engine at startup. Gets louder as I accelerate, but over time driving, the noise lessens but never goes away.

I've gotten horror estimates from Nissan Dealers from $500 - $1500 to change everything from AC Compressor to Alternator. If this is a secondary timing chain issue, I need to know before getting my car repaired!

Is there an honest mechanic ANYWHERE in the world?