Noise From Front Wheel Bearings, Replace Both on Honda Odyssey

Problem Description and Possible Solution

On some models faulty front wheel bearings can cause a growling type noise from the front of the vehicle. Replacing both front wheel bearings is recommended for this repair.

Problem Data
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Average mileage: 88,767 (9,000–184,000)
9 model years affected: 2000, 2002, 2004, 2005, more2006, 2007, 2008, 2011, 2014
34 people reported this problem
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I hear loud noises while driving, I'm sure it's not the engine.. Fairly sure the Front wheel bearing need to be replaced. Do I need to replace both front wheel bearings?
Humming noise coming from the driver's side front wheel even with engine in neutral. The noise changes with the car’s speed. While still in neutral the pitch of the humming reduces as the car's speed is reduced. The transmission of engine speed has no effect on the noise.
Noise from the front of the vehicle that seemed to be getting louder. Replaced both front wheel bearings.
Heard loud noises while driving, but thought it was just the engine noise. Took the car to Honda dealer and was told that I need to replace both wheel bearings.

I think the 2005 Honda Odyssey is one of the most problem-prone vehicles that Honda has ever produced.
Low groaning noise at 40mph and 60mph sounded like front wheel bearings, but was actually a bearing in the axle support. My mechanic worked with me to replace just the bearing ($38) vs the assembly ($325) plus labor.
general noise from front of vehichle when moving stops when at light then increase seems more so on passenger side but will probably get both sides done
I first noticed that when I would drive downhill, there was some resistance almost as if someone was braking for me. That was probably at 170,000 miles. I went away for the weekend and let me spouse drive the car. I was told that there was a noise when the car was going uphill and downhill. Once I started driving the car, I noticed the noise even while on the street without incline/decline. Took my car to a local Honda and they diagnosed a need to have both front wheel bearings replaced.
Problem just started. Drivers side wheel bearing vibrates badly especially when under torque loading i.e. Accelerating or going uphill. Must let off on throttle to mitigate vibration. These are pressed in bearings so the knuckle must be removed to replace the bearing
Noise from front of vehicle. Thought it was due to new tires (noticed problem when tire was changed). Reported by dealer during service.
There was a slight humming noise for a few months and then a few days ago it sounded like someone was under the hood knocking on the vehicle when I was driving. It was the right front wheel bearing. I heard Honda extended the warranty on these to 60K because of issues....I have only had the van 4 months and it was 56K when I bought it.