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"No start" Due to Ignition Switch Failure on Acura CL

Problem Description and Possible Solution

The car will sometimes not start because of a problem with the ignition switch. Some models may have been recalled by Acura for this issue, please check with your dealer to be sure.

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Acura CL Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 176,085 (20,000–240,000)
4 model years affected: 1997, 1998, 1999, 2002
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I turn the key and car starts, and instantly dies, but if I turn the key very slowly

it will start and stay running, but it then can run until it decides to stall for no

reason, and repeat the process. I also here clicking sound inside glove-box area,

and then wonder if its a relay fuse, or could it be just the ignition switch
When I am driving my 1999 Accura Cl 3.0 it stops, I have to throw it on neural and restart it. This happens when I'm driving. I can only tell that this is happening because I can''t accelerate. What I mean is it doesn't give me any warning that this is happening, no noise no stalling. It's like when you run out of gas.
Car was running fine then yesterday tried to start it then it just made clicking sound wouldnt start
Same problem. Twice now I've gone to start my car and it won't start. After multiple attempts and gunning the gas it will finally start. I've taken it to Acura and they don't know what is wrong.
At times when I try to start my car it only has a small click sound, if I turn the wheel and move the gear shift I can get it to start.
Okay i have a 1999 Acura TL and it sometimes dies on me while driving and sometimes dies after i start it. The other day it wouldn't start. Just a click but after a while of trying to start it went from the starter solenoid clicking when i turn the key to absolutely nothing. Then i tried jumping the starter with a screw driver and it started and now sometimes it starts perfectly fine with just the key and sometimes i have to have someone turn the key while i get under the hood with a screw driver and hull the starter. Im pretty sure the key ignition switch is what is causing it to cut off while driving but what would cause the solenoid to click sometimes and then stop clicking completely. Is it just the solenoid not making the car start or the starter? Thanks in advance
My 1997 acura 3.0 cl wont crank the only thing that is on is the battery light and its locked in park
The car sometimes has problems starting. The car will start then die. It sometimes takes several tries restarting the car before it will run.
Did a stereo upgrade and found that it wouldnt start,charged batt",checked w?load tester.All came back good,checked all fuses under hood and under dash.Looking into starter cut relay&keyless security control unit.Will also look into ignition switch..
I thought I was having immobilizer problems. The green key would blink twice and the car would quit. It always started back up and it would be fine for a few seconds or a few weeks. This happened intermittently for YEARS! I took it to the shop and of coarse it wouldn't act up for them. They went ahead and re-programmed the computer and for a few weeks it worked. Then back to the same old stuff. I wished the darn thing would just break altogether. Finally I ran across an article about the ignition switches on these models. The clue that got me was that all the lights went dead! The green key light that I was seeing and thought it was an immobilizer problem was the correct signal of a complete loss of electrical power as that occurs when the key is turned of or when the IGNITION SWITCH FAILS. I got a new switch for $35, took a few hours and a few bad words to install it and it is fixed!
Hi.. I am having so many problems trying to get my key to turn the car on...then once I get it on...I can't get the key out..Please this a recall problem?
A couple times in the past few months it would drive fine then all of a sudden not start at all, no crank or turning over just click. Then I'd try again in a minute or so and it would start fine. Well now it won't start at all. Replaced the battery the cables the ignition switch fuse and still no starting it. Even tried all the other tricks, seems I need to replace the the faulty ignition switch!
Car would no longer accelerate in 5th gear. Had to coast to side of road. Now car won't start. Had it towed to mechanic, they replaced the distributor, that did not fix the issue. He basically said the only option I have is to take it to a dealership. He thinks is
it's the computer, which I understand is going to be terribly expensive.
Everything else is completely normal with the car, there was no indication that anything was wrong. Any thoughts advice would be appreciated.
Car would die while driving. Diagnosed as ignition switch failure. Replaced ignition switch. 2nd replacement for this car.
It will start but fail to keep on like the description said. After the first try no power at all in the car at all zip nada!!
I move the red wire that leads to the distributor and once again the engine will crank but Shut off immediately.
my problem is the ignition switch,trying to get my key to turn the car on,
After multiple attempts it will finally start.then once I get it on I can't
get the key out. Please help, is this a recall problem?
Worked fine for week or many monthes at a time then would try and start and starter wont turn. The ignition switch appears to be ok until its turned to the momentary contact to crank the starter then nothing happens. I've lived with this for a couple of year up until today. Car will no longer start so I am now trying to resolve this. Worked my way back from starter and its looking like it is the ignition switch.