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Honda Accord "No Start" Due to Ignition Switch Failure

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Ignition switch failure may cause the car to stall or fail to start. Honda issued a recall to replace the ignition switch. For more information on this recall please click here»

Car has power, battery is good, radio works, lights, everything, but car won't start. Engine turns over but no start. -
I'm having the problem right now. Today I drove my car home and put it in the garage. About an hour later, I tried to start it and it just clicked. The battery is fine, but the car won't come close to turning over. When I turn the key, I get only a click. I hope I'm part of a recall. -
I had the same problem. Car would start. I would run down to 7-11 get out, come back and no start. Finally took it to a mechanic, they had it for a week. Turns out Honda has a safety feature built into the engine that if you are in a wreck and the car it turned over. It will detect that and shut off the fuel pump. Well turns out they can go bad, from heat. The mechanic said I had two options. a 25 dollar fix or a $600 fix. I chose the $25. They simply took that sensor and grounded it to the frame. The $600 fix was to purchase a new sensor and harness. -
It cuts out while driving on the streets or the freeway. Sometimes in will start up right away, others may take a few attempts to get it going. -
While attemting to start the engine the securety key light (green)is flashing and the car will not start. I've tried to wiggle the ignition key while starting but this made no difference. I can start the car only if I turn the ignition key completely off and go for another restart. The securety key light (green)is supose to blink 3 to 4 times and then go out after you turn the ignition key on. This is the self test and securety check of the key. Tje car has also cut off while driving. I have replaced the ignition backing switch $85.00 -
Car will not start,,,car will turn over but not start...often happens when car is hot from abient tempature. -
Ignition switch gone. Engine won't turn over and sometimes if you put the key in the key lock gently it will turn over. Awkward job but a quick fix -
car would just die and not start for awhile. Found out that it was the ignition rod in the steering column. It was not an expensive fix. -
The car just quietly stalls out, usually at a stop light or when accelerating, all the dash lights go dark and the green security light in the dash starts flashing. After a minute or so, the lights will come back on and the car will start. Had the ignition switch replaced (this was the second time, and not covered by the recall) and it's been fine thus far. -
this car is a freaking 15,000 lemon. had it two years about 5 recalls and NO reimbursement by the jackwads at honda. this will be my last. stalled at the gas station have to have it towed. my love affair with honda is over. -
The car will only start intermittently. You have to turn it on several times before it turns on -
my 2001 Honda Accord V 6 wont start whenever I put the key in ignition all the power comes on the lights come on the radio comes on and the green key flashes but the car won't start there's no click nothing -
Everything works fine just that it doesn't turn over make a clicking noise nothing -
If car is not used in more than 3 days it does not start & when it does, it keeps turning off if in reverse gear. -
Sometimes that car key would not turn, so we took it to the dealer and they said they fixed the ignition switch recall. Since then, the key will turn but will not start. I would try a couple of times and it still would not start. My husband told me I had to put the car in neutral then start it. That usually works. So that's what we do currently. -
Vehical was purchased new. Has started perfectly fine all these years, all of a sudden I go out to start it, and it wouldn't respond. The dash board lit up normal, I did hear one click noise, I think. The engine never made an attemp to turn over, but all of the accessories worked. The battery was brand new, less than 1 week old. The problem hasn't been solved just yet, I went online to Repair Pal to look up my problem. I went to possible recalls for my (1997) Honda Accord and happen to see the recall for ignition switch failure. At this point I'll take it into my Honda dealer, and see where it goes from there. I hope it's not to serious, because I love the car. -
Drove fine. Parked it overnight, go it, turned the key and all my dash lights went on and flashed a few times, and a clicking noise started. Car would not start. Done with Hondas. -
My 1999 Honda Accord Ex dies intermittently at stops and while driving -
car ran fine until today. I turned key all lights came on plus radio but it wouldn't attempt to turn over. I tried jumping it (nothing) checked voltage (fine) now im getting it towed to a mechanic down the street -
when turning the key to the start position i hear an electrical sound instead of the car starting up it takes 5 to 10 times of turning the key to the start position before the vehicle stars im tierd of going through that is there a recall for this issue -
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