Oldsmobile Cutlass Problems

Engine Starts and Stalls Due to Secutiry System Fault on Oldsmobile Cutlass

Problem Description and Possible Solution

The engine may start and stall with the security light flashing. This is commonly caused by a failed passlock sensor which is part of the ignition lock cylinder. A secondary cause could be the ignition switch itself. Worn contacts inside the ignition switch can cause voltage drop issues which can affect the passlock system. Proper diagnoses should be performed before replacing any parts.

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Oldsmobile Cutlass Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 157,950 (128,000–187,900)
3 model years affected: 1997, 1998, 1999
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A few months after purchasing my car I had the Theft System go off on me. What happens is I'll go to start the car (very carefully each time because I believe it's caused by the key going in slightly off) and it'll just make a chugging sound similar to if the car battery is dead. The Theft System light flashes along with the battery and oil lights, though only the Theft System will flash for a full 10 minutes (I've timed it. It's always 10 minutes). I've realized, in the two years owning this car, it will usually happen when I've been driving it that day and has never happened when I first start it. It will also happen when it's hot and at the gas station.

The only thing I've managed to figure out when dealing with this problem is to wait a minute or two until the Theft System light stops flashing (10+ minutes after it betrays you) and then to, carefully, try to start it. When it first happens, don't keep trying to start it because it'll only stay on longer. Shut everything off, roll the windows down, and wait it out. Sometimes it'll happen yet again when I try to start it after the 10 minutes, forcing me to wait another 10. I need a more permanent solution because it happens at the worst of times.
car starts every time, but often dies within seconds as the dash guages and lights go out. occasionally dies while driving at higher speeds, same thing with dash lights and guages.