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"No start" Due to Failed Fuel Pump (Main) Relay on Acura Integra

Problem Description and Possible Solution

The main relay, which supplies power to the fuel pump, can fail. The engine will crank but fail to start (or start intermittently).

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Acura Integra Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 175,147 (90–357,000)
12 model years affected: 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, more1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001
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My acura integra won't start.i put in a new Rotor and cap,plugs,plug wires and ignition relay.and it still won't start it cranks over but won't start.the fuel pump was put in a year ago new.everything has power
I have a 1999 Acura LS that won't start. I've change my distributor spark plugs main relay computer and feel pump it turns over but it won't start
I have had a new fuel filter, new plugs, wires, battery, and other miscellaneous parts put on to fix this problem. It is still not fixed. I will be looking for a fuel pump relay to see if this solves the issue. The car starts with no problem for long periods of time, then suddenly it turns over but won't fire and I have to shoot starting fluid into it and it will start up almost every time. Once it starts having issues, I do not take it far from home just in case. If I have no issues for a couple of months, I will take it out of town. I have also had this problem in hot weather, but no limited to hot weather.
Car would not start unless you turned the key many many many times until it would randomly crank. Replaced main relay and problem was fixed
happens when hot outside. gets hot under dash where located and sometimes starts alright, sometimes starts after waiting a few minutes and towards the end wouldnt start at all in the heat of the day. replaced it and all is well again. fairly easy repair, under steering wheel up under dash.
car will start normal but some days if its hot out the car wont seem to start,i thought it was the distributor then the cap then the roter but nothing seemed to work till i looked up that if you park on a hill or a hot day the fuel pump dose not send fuel to the engine due to the main relay
Engine would only start intermittently when warm (e.g., after getting gas). Removed fuel pump relay, resoldered the terminals, and reinstalled. Problem solved easily and cheaply.
Car was very hard to start and then finally quit running pretty sure this is the problem
2001 Honda Accord randomly not starting. The car has a new battery so that is not the issue. Apparently it is the fuel pump main relay. Quick fixes: You can either slide your key into the ignition very slowly or you can start it normally and hold the key forward. Permanent fixes: Replace the relay or open up the old one and solder the cracked contact joints inside.
sinse 145000 when hot (houston tx summer)occaisally the car wont start start after being driven. wait 15 second the car starts,main relay
1990 Acura Integra GS. I am the original owner. I now have 210,000 miles. The car starts from the shade, but then I cannot restart it on a very hot day or after driving a short trip. This started a few years ago around late May 2010 on a scorching afternoon in Washington, DC. STP (Black) Super Concentrated Fuel Injector Cleaner helped.

Eventually, I assumed it was vapor lock, so I started taking the gas cap off and put it back on. This has often worked as has simply waiting a few minutes. My girlfriend (ex-trucker) solved the problem by stepping on the gas all the way and releasing it. (If the car won't start, the manual suggests pushing and holding the pedal half-way down then cranking. If that fails, it suggests pushing all the way to clear cylinders.) This has also tended to work

Now, the problem has recently returned (in Detroit) in Summer 2016 in Detroit. I start from the shade in a garage just fine. But, the car absolutely refuses to re-start. A few days ago, despite cranking, I smelled no gas, so I again suspected a fuel flow problem. STP (Red) Gas Treatment got it going. Today, a new bottle of Red STP failed to work.
My '91 integra will start, thrn after tunning a couple of minutes dies dur to too much fuel. The plugs are sstirated . The mileage is on s rebuild.
When first start cold, the car started easily but ran rough & fast idle, after 3 or 4 minutes of running the car smoothened out nicely and had plenty of power, however if after driving 8 miles or so in city traffic, then stopping to pickup groceries or such for approximately 15 minutes The car was very difficult to start, I tried turning the key completely of many times and tried pumping gas or holding the gas pedal down all the way but still nothing, after many minutes of cranking the engine just decides to start. Then continues to run properly until I returned home. The car still is not fixed however.