No Start Diagnosis

When a vehicle won't start, it can be caused by one or more system and/or component failures. Other vehicle components or systems (e.g. lighting, radio, wipers, blower motor) may still operate. Occasionally, the no start symptom will be intermittent.

A No Start Diagnosis involves special computer system scan tools, specialized electrical test equipment, and specialized technician training.

The purpose of this article is to provide an outline for some of the essential steps involved in performing a No Start Diagnosis. This guide can be used—by you and the shop—to track the progress as the mechanics perform the test.

No Start Diagnostic Check Sheet

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1990 Mercedes 300E, started normally, after 5 miles of city traffic, did rapid right hand turn signal [as if it had bad bulb] seconds later ABS light on, then SRS light on and half a minute later engined died. Good battery condition, car will not crank even after a lot of checking of transmission shifter position (Park), foot on brake firmly etc. After towing home, no change.

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