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Ticking Noise From Engine on Chrysler Pacifica

Problem Description and Possible Solution

The engine may develop a ticking noise, often caused by a broken retaining pin on the rocker arm shaft. When the pin breaks, the shaft can spin blocking the oil passage the rocker arms (which causes the ticking noise). The rocker arm shafts, rocker arms, and pedestals (sold as a kit) are commonly replaced in order to correct this condition.

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Chrysler Pacifica Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 102,926 (15,000–290,000)
Engines affected: 3.5L V6, 3.8L V6, 4.0L V6
5 model years affected: 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, more2008
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ticking noise from front of the engine. Two diagnosis the dealer says removed front valve cover and rocker arm shaft, shaft shows some wear. oil has heavy metalic tint probed around cylinder head with magnet, found small pieces of metal that looked like bearing material. they charged me 240 dollars and told me I need to replace the engine to the tune of 7000.00 dollars. Second opinion said I need to replace the rocker arm pedastals. 2 hrs labor and 200 dollars in parts. I haven't done anything yet what would you do?
I would NEVER buy another Chyrsler again ----- EVER.
We are about to go broke driving this pacifica.
It might look nice but,that is it. Tires were a special order - it has been one thing after another NEVER, NEVER, AGAIN.
Engine has had a small tick at start up and slowly got worse. Suddenly it let loose completely and started ticking loudly. Took apart the rear rocker assembly and noticed the exhaust rocker shaft could spin so I replaced the rocker arm pedestals and shaft for around $80.
Loud ticking noise, when the engine starts. Rapidly gets louder and sounds likes its hitting something harder. Any suggestions?
The ticking sound I had developed into a...almost grinding one. Gas millage went down allot and my oil seems to need filling quite often.
My Pacifica engine just started clacking as if it were gonna blow! A repair center said the rocker arms are going bad and gave me an estimate of $1500 to fix. They said they'd just keep driving it as it is. People stare when I pull into a gas station. Its that loud! I'm so upset because I loved this car until now. The trade in value for it should be $6000 however a dealer said they'd only give me $2500 for it because of how it sounds. Now I'm stuck with it!
Ticking started, now mechanic says it needs a new engine. Also problem with evac...gas cap code even though replaced 3 times. Not sure yet what can be done.
started sounding like a sewing machine gone nutz. took it to the dealer . Rocker arm assbly was bad. $ 500 fix.
Now at 95 k & runs like a top ..... starting to use oil now . All in all I love this car...
Chysler Pacifica ,2006 3.5 cylinder car was driving fine without any notification while driving the engine began knocking and now unable to drive . I have contacted several mechanics for repairs.
I have a ticking noise coming from my engine as well. I was told that I need a new engine. I really don't know what to believe. Now another problem has developed as well my ABS light stays on. I have a 2006 Pacifica. I ready to pull my hair out and my heat/AC is not working. I don't know what to expect next
Has a loud ticking noise when started after sitting for a while then goes away after driving a bit. Sounds like a bad lifter but most likely is a broken pin on the rocker arm shaft, sounds VERY common with these Chrysler motors. Had Ford previously and never had any problems even at 160,000-200,000 miles, gave Chrysler a try and will certainly be going back to Ford again.
if u call the 1800 number and report it they file a report and whoever that has a 2006 dodge charger they'll replace the part after a lot of complains so start calling whoever has this same problem.!
tgicking started about a week before Christmas 2010. By the time the we got it to the dealer, it was knocking like a diesel and the fuel economy fell to around 11mpg. Dealer says rocker assy and it's gonna runs just shy of $600. Extended Warranty Co says all parts are covers but they are trying to say I failed to maintain the vehicle. We got it with 39K on it and since that time I've changed the oil EVERY 3000 mi just like the reminder tells me to. Dealership say that it is common in these engines and there is nothing I could have doen to cause this. If only I had known....I'd went with the 4.0L. Love the car though...just not the engine.
Mine is the same as #1. Engine started ticking, checked oil it was fine. Huusband add some of the engine stuff, still ticking. I only owe $3000 i it is part of a bankruptsy settlement... I have loved this car in the snow. It gotten me to work in some of the worst snow days we have had and up to rainier with no chains or snow tires....
Just bought this vehicle and starting to have problems now dealer wants it in the morning time not when I can bring it I am starting to fell so sorry
same problem, clatter in my 06 Chrysler Pacifica 1000 miles from home with 71,000 on it, traded it in to get home, would have needed engine work, trany, struts and driveshafts soon, 2 Chryslers in 10 years and never another.