Toyota Camry Problem Report

Toyota Camry One or More Motor Mounts May Wear Out on Higher Mileage Vehicles

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One or more motor mounts may wear out on cars with high mileage. This will put extra stress on the other mounts, and the faulty mount(s) should be replaced.

I was told by Toyota of Glendora that I needed to replace a cracked "dogbone" motor mount and they quoted me a price of $379.00 for parts and labor!!!! This is a $20-$30 part!!!! It appears to be a common DEFECT and replacement should be covered by Toyota Corp. I'm the 12th person responding to this defective issue. -
Lower needs to be replaced, top was replaced. Problem-motor shakes car when it is at a light, when I put it in neutral, the car purrs like a cat. Once I get going, the shaking stops. -
This should be considered fair wear and tear to replace the mounts after 180,000 miles. I dont understand why they charge so much to replace. Its a 20-40 dollar part, only 2 bolts on the top motor mount, a few more than that on the bottom one. -
Can't believe it! 3 of 4 motor mounts broke!Took it to our trusted mechanic complaining of the horrible thunk it started to make after braking. Had brakes done a few months prior and thought it might have had something to do with that . Was hoping it was not the transmission. They bring it up on the lift and call me with the great news! Not even high miles! Then the computer would not reset and car had to sit at dealer cause they are the only ones who can deal with the computer! So disappointed in Toyota! I will NEVER buy another! I don't even drive a long way to work! -
fixed by tech, no more issues so far. -
I could feel a slight bump when starting out from a stop. When I took it in for an unrelated issue the mechanic noticed that the front motor mount near the bottom front center of the car was broken. When I brought it back in to have this fixed he then found that the "dogbone" motor mount/torque mount was also in need of replacing (not broken) due to the rubber being pretty much useless. The lower motor mount cost me $174 to fix and I will order the "dogbone" part and fix this one myself. -
motor mounts wore out around 180k making the engine rear up when the car would start out from a standstill. I replaced the broken or missing ones and have not had this trouble since. -
Front motor mount broke and caused the engine block to crack (leaking oil) from engine lifting up and banging back down onto it. Used engine (29k miles) $2k + $2k labor/parts ... and lower end now knocks and vibrates bad at idle. Engine warranty will replace engine but not cover labor. First and last Toyota I'll ever own. Wish Yamaha made cars ... -
Dog bone broked. Engine shakes abnormally on acceleration and shifting -
Same here, will need to fix -
engine vibration at acceleration -
engine torque rod and front motor mount needed replacement... noise was first heard insode the car, sounded like a front suspension issue..but wheni placed car in drive i verified the frt motor mount worn and the engine torque strut was visibly cracked.. easy fix -
One motor mount replaced in November 2010. Today is Feb 15 2011. -
The engine started to vibrate and rattle idling in drive. Once in neutral, all was good. Determined the motor mount crapped out. -
Broken motor mount -
Shop reported front motor mount was cracked, need repair. -
found about same time as power steering pump leak, not fixed yet -
Mount gone. -
Engine vibrations at idle cured by replacing one motor mount. -
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