Volvo S70 Problem Report

Volvo S70 Master Window Switch Assembly May Fail

(33 reports)

The master window switch may fail, allowing the windows to move in one direction and not the other.

Passenger side door wont go back up, and the 2 back windows -
Right rear window stuck half open -
Drivers side window will not come back up -
Passenger side window goes down and not up, another electrical nightmare from Volvo. Cannot determine if the issue is in the master switch cluster or the passenger side switch assembly. Have two Volvos, both are Frankenstein electrical monsters. Drive train will never die, but the lousy cheap plastic pieces and the electrics are right out of hell. -
Drivers window will go down but not up -
When the main window switch went out on my driver side I repeatedly would get my Sunroof and Windows stuck open then it would randomly work again. The solution I took as replacing it. I think it cost around $170. But its been almost 2 years ans they work just fine now. -
My drivers side window got stuck down when i first got the car. I took it to the shop and got it fixed. A year later it got stuck again this time it got stuck up in 90 degree whether. I just said forget it. On top of the the defroster stopped working. -
change the switch -
All windows except for front passenger will not move up or down. -
The window assembly stopped working window went down and didn't go back up just as a rain storm was coming thru. I was smelling a burning smell coming from somewhere couldn't pinpoint location till windows stopped working. Thinking it was a fuse looked under hood in fuse box and found out where burning smell was coming from.malfunctioning driver side window switch was causing my fuse panel to overheat and was starting to melt.long story short...took out fuse ordered another switch from switch doctor replaced it and problem was gone. -
The master power- window switch unit in the driver's door has the following problems --- it won't raise/lower the rear passenger-side windows. (But the switch in the rear passenger side door still works.) This has not been fixed. The whole unit needs replacement. Please advise me of the reported charges for parts and labor. -
windows do not work at all. sunroof or electric mirrors not working -
Master Switch Brittle. -
front passenger side window cannot be raised by using the driver window controls. -
Windows did the same and the electric locks worked intermittently. Volvo dealer replaced bank of switches on driver side good, locks still with it for now. -
Drivers window stuck down in January in Colorado! replaced the drivers control switches. failed again around 100000. have not repaired. -
I just purchased this car for my son. Driving it back from the dealer, I was unable to raise the rear passenger side window back up to a closed position. I was able to get in the back seat and roll it up from there but not from the driver's side. -
The window goes down but doesnt always go back up. its intermittant. -
just thought the lock was broken -
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