Mark Levinson Audio system AMP on Lexus LS460

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Amplifiers started chirping then system stopped operating.

This models has history of AMP has to be sent out for after market repair at $700 or replacement from Lexus at $2600.

Rash of comments in forums with Lexus Mark Levinson AMPs with this issue.

The sound system stopped working. Later it begin working again. And then intermittently would change stations on the a.m. satellite dial. And then has stopped working entirely

2007 Lexus LS460 138,853 mi,
Volume don't work

2008 Lexus LS460 121,000 mi,
I get no sound from my radio, CD player or auxillary... You can't hear the GPS prompter voice either and when I go to my audio settings The treble and bass settings are stuck to the far right

Still not fixed need to find out how to get it fixed.

My volume not working on Am or Fm station satellite & the HDD Works fine this happen when I program a phone number in.

2007 Lexus LS460 105,000 mi,
Was traveling, when out of the blue, music replaced with loud chirping. Tried everything, but nothing would stop the noise. Ended up pulling the fuse. Over $3,000 to fix ... sad. Now listening to Pandora on my cell phone. Wow ... real Lexus / Mark Levinson quality!!!

2007 Lexus LS460 100,000 mi,
received a quote of $3,400 for a new amp from Lexus

When playing music popping in the back deck

Well driving the Radio would turn off then turned back on again then come back on again. Took to Lexus several times they complain that it's not an issue very intermittent finally replace the amplifier thank heavens for warranty

2007 Lexus LS460 110,000 mi,
Loud popping in sound system, miserable three hundred miles.

I pulled the amp out of trunk. Amp is on the far right side of trunk. You will have to remove the covering It's under car mat. I sent the amp to radios and more.The purchase repair was listed in eBay.The cost for the harman Becker amp repair was 725.00 So far the amp has been working perfectly.

With no warning while the radio was on, a chirping sound was heard from all speakers. Turning the radio off made no difference - the chirping continued uninterrupted. My local Lexus dealer diagnosed the problem over the phone. Obviously, he was familiar with the symptoms I described. Subsequently, an examination by the dealer's tech confirmed the problem, and I was quoted a repair bill of almost $1,000 for a reconditioned amp.

My sound system is pinging. I took it to the Toyota dealership. They wanted $1400 dollars for repair!

my radio just stop playing and started chirping. could not turn off the radio to discontinue the chirping.

chriping noise from speakers - replace Levinson amp under extended warranty - no charge