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Map light dose not turn on when opening door on Honda Pilot

Problem Description and Possible Solution

Map light will not turn on when opening drivers or passengers door. Caused by a faulty door switch. Requires replacement of door switch on side of non operation.

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Honda Pilot Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 97,199 (300–225,000)
8 model years affected: 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, more2008, 2010, 2011, 2015
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Both map lights stopped working when you open the door and will not even turn on when you turn it on manually. The rear interior lights come on but not the map lights.
Map light doesnt come on when opening the door - but goes one if you turn it on manually..
Same problem. Rear interior lights come on when door is opened but not the map lights. It was just the driver side but now it is both. Cleaned swith, no effect. Anyway, if switch was bad, the rear interior lights would not come on either.
Front map lights on both sides do not come on when the doors are open. They work when they are pushed, but not when the doors are opened.
Drivers side map light does not come on when the door is opened but will turn on with the switch. I took the assembly down and did some trouble shooting with a friend that knows more than I do about these things. We took the switch from the other side and attached to the drivers side and it worked correctly so we determined that the switch was bad. Honda wanted to replace the whole assembly which is over $150.00. The switch that another visitor advised about the (mouser electronics (alps SPED210200) looks exactly like it so I am going to do some more research to make sure it is the same thing and also going to check at the Honda dealer but I am sure that they probably do not have or will not get one for me. It is much easier to sell the whole unit for big money.

I called Mouser Electronics and was helped by technical support. He asked me to send some pictures of the switch, which I did, and he told me everything was the same as their SPED210200 switch. I ordered and received 2 as I wanted a spare if it worked. They were $1.84 each and $4.99 for shipping a total of $8.67. I installed them last weekend and the problem was solved. I checked with Honda and the housing assembly was $51.00 + tax if I installed it a savings of about $45.00. The switch is the problem and it is not hard to change out.
Front dome lights will not come on any more when door is open.. Second and third row dome lights works fine..
Left-hand map light no longer comes on when door is opened. Right-hand map light does. Also, three non-consecutive ac control lights (of six total lights) no longer illuminate when headlights are on.
drivers side map light does not come on when you open the door. Have to be pushed manually
Map lights won't come on when door opens. Now drivers side won't even come on when light is pushed
Both map light did not come on when opening the door while rest of the other light on rear comes on. Pressing the switch manually turns on right side light but not the left one. Changed bulb thinking it is bulb issue...same result.
I had the problem with the light not coming on when door opened. I took the swith assembly out and then popped the switch for the faulty light out and cleaned the contacts - the center one was obviously discolored. Put it back together and it worked fine.
Replaced the bulb but still no map light. Works on right side but quit working in '08 on lefthand side. Fuse is good because it works on the righthand side. Any suggestions beside going to the dealership?
Had the same problem with my map light in my 2007 Pilot.
Ordered the replacement SPED210200 switches from Mouser Electronics.
Problem solved.
Thanks for the advice and guidance. Saved me $400 my Dealer wanted to replace the entire assembly. My cost was $11.43 and I got 2 spare switches.

Rick Flowers
Harrisburg, PA
courtousy lights do not go on in front seat area when either doors are opened. Also will not go on when using the switch to turn them on. They will turn on if you push the lens to turn them on. Otherwise the front lights will not go on. The rear inside lights go on when door is opened or remote is used. Have not repaired to date.
Cruise Control also does not turn on.
I am dissappointed in this car for several reasons. At 19,000 miles the left front axle needed to be replaced. The car stopped moving because of this (it is an all wheel drive). At 72,000 miles the transmission oil cooler line blew out, causing extensive damage to the transmission which had to be replaced (thank goodness I had extended coverage). This is not the quality I expected from Honda. I have owned Fords and Mercury's in the past, in excess of 100,000 miles on each. never had a mechanical issue with any of them.
All of a sudden the driver side map light failed when door opened etc. It will turn on when pushed but one must remember that is has been pushed. Have not addressed it with Honda Dealer as they will say it isn't covered since it is part of the premium package.(just like the navigation dvd unit that corrupts the discs and causes failures)
Same problem - drivers side map light doesn't come on with door open , but does come on when you push switch. Haven't fixed it yet but I see I'm not the only one with this problem.
I have replaced a map light and now it stays on permanently. Your problem seems to be the opposite. I traced my problem to a defective switch. It's an Alps SPED210200, but I can't find it online from any site, but one that wants to charge a $35 minimum ( Honda does not seem to sell the switch as a stand-alone item--only as an assembly.