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Vibration/Rumbling Sound in Reverse When Idling on Honda Civic

Problem Description and Possible Solution

Worn engine mounts can lead to unwanted engine vibrations being transmitted to the body, most commonly with the engine idling and the transmission in reverse. Replacing the worn mount(s) should correct this concern.

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Honda Civic Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 76,727 (23,000–270,000)
Engine affected: 1.7L 4 Cylinder
8 model years affected: 2002, 2003, 2006, 2007, more2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
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Same low fequency vibration in reverse and during deceleration. Could not explain it but it's was always worse in the morning when the engine was cold. Noise was audible and vibration was felt in the cockpit but outside the car all seemed fine. Suspected the passenger side motor mount was broke and an inspection showed the the engine had settled onto the mount support and was actually "shorting" the motor mount as an isolator. $400 parts and labor later the mount was replaced and all problems were gone. Probably should have taken on the job myself but I did not have any extra time available for when the first unexpected "issue" showed up. All is well now. Wanted to leave this update as I see many owners suffering the same noise and vibraion symptoms. Maybe one day Honda will classify their mount as a design/mfg problem and reimburse all of us like they are currently doing for the sun visors that break on everyone's Civic. Hope this can help someone else.
My 2007 Honda Civic had the same symptoms. Vibration and noise were more evident when the car was cold. Had the right side motor mount installed yesterday, and it seems to have fixed the problem. Also had the visor replaced a couple of months ago. Rather disappointed with Honda.......
Exact same problem I am so glad to find this no one else understood what I was talking about !
Same low fequency vibration in reverse and during deceleration. Could not explain it but it's was always worse in the morning when the engine was cold. Noise was audible and vibration was felt in the cockpit but outside the car all seemed fine.
Exact same problem with mine. My car is an EX 5 speed. It has made a loud popping noise from the day it was new if under heavy deceleration and reversing quickly. Mine finally failed and made the rumbling and knocking over bumps when it was cold. These were faulty mounts from the start and Honda know about it. Here is the TSB. #06-060 I replaced all the engine mounts including the torque struts so I wouldn't have to mess with it again. The passenger top mount would have fixed the problem by itself though. I used to wrench as a Ford tech. I understand All companies have tsb's and little issues but after the rear wheel bearings, sun visors, and now this mount that I footed the bill for even though Honda knew they were faulty even at the time of assembly, I would not consider ever again for my future cars.
The car started the growling , loud vibrating noise at about 60,00 mi.couldnt afford the repair at the time and will no longer use a honda service department. four mechanics later and it was finally diagnosed...A rubber part of the motor mount assembly on the passenger side collapses for no apparent reason allowing the motor to vibrate.
The same vibration & noise when cold and sometimes on reverse. It started about 2 months ago and it is getting louder and lasts longer. I will take to the dealer to check up.
Had to replace the engine mounts at 36k miles ($600! Non warranty repair). It would rattle and growl, usually in the am, when I put the car into reverse. The Honda dealer initially couldn't find anything wrong, but when I had them keep the car overnight and test early in the morning, they identified the Engine Mounts as the culprit. Not too impressed.
Horrible vibration upon starting car cold and worse in reverse
When it drive it goes away until I let off the gas. Feels like motor jolts when letting off gas. Poor design honda.
My civic has the same issue, thankfully my dad is a mechanic so my repair cost will be minimal. I did however want to know if anyone has an issue with driver side visor. I had mine replaced by Honda several times yet it still breaks, also my paint started to fade pretty quickly, and I have noticed other Hondas with the same fading spots on the roof and the trunk. Does anyone else have the same issue with paint?
Low rumbling sound when in Reverse ,replaced motor mount on 2007 honda civic.passenger side,works great now,thanks for all the help,i never would of thought of this one.Honda should recall this like the sun viser.
Exact same problems and descriptions as all other reports (including the visor)! Just got a call from the service dept. at the dealership. Side motor mount is broken--still under warranty, so no charge.
Same problem but have not been to the shop yet. Rumbling also appears on deceleration. Definitely thinking motor mount(s).
My 2009 Civic started vibrating A LOT!! while in idol and especially reverse. Was told by the loacl delarwhip that even though I am still under warranty that this was NOT a warranty-covered repair. Have had the shop look at and verify that at least one engine mounting bolt was bad...$233 + just to replace the ONE...with all of these complaints about the same issue...why isn't there a RECALL????
I am having the same problem, but also haven't been to the shop. Seems to only happen in park or reverse when the engine is cold.
Car makes loud, rumbling, vibrating noise on a cold start in reverse and park. Noise stops in drive. Only happens on a cold start.
Same problem as everyone else. Vibration when reverse specially AM and when the car is cold. This should be recall by Honda like the sunvisor.
i work for Honda; had the same symptoms like the ones mentioned here
2009 2 dr civic ex ATM: RH motor mount was bad part # 50820-SNB-H01.. Mine was covered under and ext warranty i purchased when i bought that car back in Dec of 2013: Winner!!! would have cost over $300.00 plus to repair parts and labor
I have the exact same symptoms - loud rumbling when engine is cold, and only in reverse. Good to know it's likely NOT the transmission. I too am done with Honda, first bad sun visors (replaced 8 times and counting), bad motor mounts, and bad paint. I have had the car in the shop three times for the clear coat separation, starting when the car was only 4 years old. Honda has painted only the parts of the car that were affected at the time (and made me pay a deductible, which they later refunded). Now it's happening again, and they refuse to paint the rest of the car! They have a known defect, they put a Band-Aid on it in the past, and now they refuse to stand behind their product! Plus I had to fight with American Honda each step of the way, including over the sun visors. I will never buy another Honda.
As stated by everyone else, my Honda Civic 2007 has faced the same issues. The two sun visors broke in Spring/Summer 2013 and have been replaced by repair shops. The car has been shaky while in reverse, mostly in the winter months but has since continued. In June 2013, the car started shaking and idling while driving at slower speeds. It progressed to higher speeds. We had this problem checked out and spent $600 on new fuel injectors because "3/4 were deteriorated". Not even a month later, in July 2013, the car started shaking, yet again, but you could feel it in the steering wheel and seat this time. It turns out that $800 later, the car was diagnosed as having a bad engine mount. Might be time to sell this piece, as it is proving, very unreliable. What a disappointment by Honda.