Low oil prossure light on Dodge Stratus

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Low oil pressure light started coming on after highway driving. Reving up engine just a little over idle turned light off. Over about a month, progressively got worse to the point where light would come on within 5 minutes of starting the car and reving engine (except to high RPMs, over 3500) would not turn the light off. Originally thought sending unit must be ok as it appeared to work (coming on and off). Did some research and only thing worth trying was replacing the sending unit (any other repairs not worth the value of the car). Went ahead and replaced the sending unit as it is the only inexpensive thing to try and that corrected the problem. Can only assume the sending unit pressure sensor became fatigued or something over time and sent the low pressure signal at a higher oil pressure (an ok pressure existed, not an actual low pressure) than actually existed. It has been about 3 weeks since replaced the sending unit and no low oil pressure light. The part was about $15 at NAPA and took about 1 hour total to due (with everything, raise car, remove/replace sending unit, test, cleanup, etc.). Note: you must use yellow (not white) teflon thread tape on the new sending unit threads. Hope this helps.

Oil light flickers when engine hot and idleing

2006 Dodge Stratus - 2.0L 4 Cylinder 187,800 mi,
Oil pressure light comes on at low rpms.

2002 Dodge Stratus - 2.4L 4 Cylinder 166,000 mi,
Oil light comes on at a stop, but has only died when going from reverse to drive

2006 Dodge Stratus - V6 119,481 mi,
Oil light flickers at idle when in gear after motor has warmed up

1999 Dodge Stratus - 2.5L V6 122,000 mi,
Had low oil light come on as well at idle. Car had oil changed every 3k and didn't make any noise when pressure light came on (usually you would hear engine noise if oil pressure issue). Checked oil pressure with gauge and it was fine. Replaced sending unit (`$16 Autozone) and no more light. It appears the sending unit Chrysler uses on these cars is defective at minimal life as most cars sending unit lasts life of car.

1998 Dodge Stratus - 2.4L 4 Cylinder
Posted prior oil light on at idle, flickers, stops at rpm then over time on most of time.

Replaced oil pressure sending unit screwed into engine with new and problem solved for years

2006 Dodge Stratus - 2.7L V6 167,000 mi,
Oil light come on once stopped but goes away when i drive only after the engine warms up