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The Low Beam Head Light Bulb May Burn Out Prematurely on Suzuki Grand Vitara

Problem Description and Possible Solution

There are many reports of low beam head light bulbs burning out prematurely. As of this writing Suzuki has not released a service bulletin addressing this issue. Using only high quality replacement bulbs, and extra care not to touch the bulb surface when handling the new bulb can help extend the life of the replacement bulbs.

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Suzuki Grand Vitara Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 65,850 (5,000–250,000)
11 model years affected: 2000, 2001, 2002, 2006, more2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
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daytime running lamps burnout every 4 months......fixed it by purchasing 2 new running light wiring kts for $3.00 each @ rock auto parts online. the original ones from suzuki actually melting from intermitent contact. suzuki was 0% helpful with the problem.
I have this problem. I have replaced the bulbs so many times that is absurd. Suzuki has done nothing. I have already file a complaint to the NHTSA. If you are reading this you can report it too. Go to and file a complaint.
My 2009 Suzuki Grand Vitara has blown at least 4 head lights since i bought the vehicle. Suzuki says that there is a problem with the transistor to the lights,in that it gives too much power to the lights, thus causing it to blow prematurely. They have NOT issued a recall, and actually tried to make me pay for new lights, in which i blatantly refused, and said that if they know of the problem with this vehicle, I am most certainly NOT paying for the repair!! They again insisted that I pay. When I refused, the manager of the service department said to me," I totally understand, I would like to help you...but at least I'm not charging you for labor." then, the Finance manager stepped in and said that he understood, and I shouldn't have to pay, since they are aware of the problem with this vehicle. He offered to pay, and then the service manager put it on as"customer service" repair. This is complete BS, and Suzuki needs to do something ASAP!!
Have replaced the drivers side low beam at least 6 times twice this year so far and have changed the passenger side approximately 4 times.. its insane. whats the deal?!?! its not like the bulbs are cheap and it takes an act of congress to try to change it the way the crazy thing is set up..darn suzuki
Driver's Side headlight won't stay connected. The bulb doesn't actually blow but the wiring harness will not make a good connection. Suzuki dealership does not acknowledge problem.
running lights burning out every 3 months. finally solved it by spending 6 dollars @rock auto online for 2 running light replacement receptacles. The problem is not the bulb but the original bulb receptors which actually start to melt from intermittent contact.Suzuki wanted to sell me a $1,200 wiring harness.
AS a temporary fix....... do the following..........set headlights to off position......pull parking brake up ONE the daytime running lamps will be off and extend the bulb life until you can do the permanent fix I wrote about before.
I seem to be having the same issue; both of my low beams are out. But, my high beams and everything else seems to be working fine. I have Checked/Replaced Fuses and Relays. I am about to swap out one of the lights to see if that is the issues. If it is not then I may be forced to go to the dealership and have them look at the Switch on the Steering Column. Not sure what else to Do.
Regarding the headlight issue, this is the response I got from Suzuki Canada:

"We understand the concerns you have raised in your message and we want to inform you that there is no known issues with the headlight assembly. The issue that you are experiencing may be due to the headlamp bulb adaptor (part #: 34175-33E50). This part should be inspected and possibly replaced along with the bulb. We suggest that you contact your preferred authorized Suzuki dealership in order to schedule an inspection, if this has not already been done.".

Further responses below:

From me:

Judging by the numerous GV owners who have this issue, there is obviously a problem with the headlights used or the headlight assembly. Are you saying that we have to contiune paying for this ongoing repair? FYI - since purchasing the GV new in 2006 (currently have 130K on it), I have had to replace the audio unit and the fan and heater coil. Now I have to continue paying for the headlights. Not impressed.

From them:

We regret that you are not satisfied with our response, however the information is accurate. We thank you for sharing your concerns and allowing us the opportunity to respond.

Regards, SCI Customer Service | SCI Customer Service |Suzuki Canada Inc. - dn
100 East Beaver Creek RoadRichmond Hill, ON Canada L4B 1J6': 905-889-2677 EXT 2254 | |;

From me:

If Suzuki wanted to do the right thing, it would at least cover the cost(s) of the bulb replacement. Poor quality ultimately leads to poor sales.
Both of my bulbs keep blowing also. It was fine the first couple of years but after the first one blew they just kept going from there. Sometimes every 4 months or so. I now carry a spare so I can get it changed quickly.
I have replaced 2 sets of head lights on my Grand Vitara in the last three months. Every three months this is happening. all i can do is keep replacing light bulbs. The cost and time to replace these bulbs is ridiculous. please help me!!!!. There should be a recall if this is a manufacturing problem.
One head lamp bulb went out so I replaced both. After a few months I noticed they weren't working that I had been only using the bottom driving lights.Not sure how long I was driving like this.
This has got to be the worst headlamp design ever. Some wizard at Suzuki has placed an adapter between wire harness and light bulb. This allows open air and moisture to come in contact with the electrical circuit. The rubber shroud does not keep this moisture out. This weak link adapter in the head lamp assembly allows the connection of the USA made bulb. This Suzuki manufactuer flaw is admitted by Suzuki in this post by another complaint response. Suzuki even gave the owner the part number of the flawed adapter. So he could go out and buy a new one to continue his headlamp nightmare. This electrical misconnection is also directly related to tail lamp fuses and bulbs blowing out. This Suzuki Grand Vitara comprimised electrical wiring harness has been poorly designed at best and deadly dangerous at worst (FIRE) I made a misinformed decision when buying this vehicle new from dealer for my daughter. I will never buy another Suzuki product again. This vehicle is now on Craigslist. Buyer beware.
driver side bulb needs replacement frequently, it is also difficult to secure the bulb in the casing with the connection to the wiring in place, the bulb goes out about every 5-6 months, the last time my son looked at it to change the bulb, he decided it might be a wiring problem and not a bulb issue since he could get the bulb to light up when it was not in the casing. Problem has been ongoing since around 40,000. The vehicle now has 143,000 miles.
I now have 86,000 miles (bought new in 2006) on the vehicle but have had the problem since roughly first year. Headlights go out every few months. I have had it checked and no issues found with headlights according to dealership. Trading off car hopefully next year but would love a solution until then.
mine also ever since I bought it new, I have been running with one headlight, replaced about 8 bulbs. Suzuki refuses to acknowledge that there is any issue.