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Smell strong gas oder inside car after filling up for several days,also it stalls after filling up .
I purchased this automatic new and have regretted it for many reasons. Lack of fuel economy makes me wonder if it is a 'Lemon'?? I am a single (old!!) woman w/out the knowledge or confidence to confront this problem w/dealer or who?? and how? I realize it could be less than sticker said, but SO MUCH LESS?? Anyone else w/an automatic have this BIG problem? Also just recently (i have 14,000 miles on it) I smelled the 'fuely' smell INSIDE and out of car. One more: the emergency brake will not hold on our inclined drive-way if there is slickness on surface. Anyone else have this? I can't park on drive in inclement weather. I share the other ills w/'09 owners as well!!