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Gas Cap Warning Light On on Nissan Altima

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The gas cap warning light may illuminate. The can be caused by a loose or defective gas cap or a small leak in the evaporative system. A small leak can be very difficult to diagnose, often times a smoke machine can be used to try and isolate a leak.

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Loose gas cap message showing on display after filling the tank the other day. Removed cap and retightened cap several times. Message is still displaying.
Loose fuel cap light comes on about twice a month. Usually after I have driven for about 1/4 tank after filling with gas. I loosen then re-tighten the cap and it takes quite a while for the light to go out. Right now it has been on for 2 days and will not go out even after tightening the cap twice. Very unsettling when driving in rush hour traffic.
Gas cap waring light comes on abot 100 miles after putting gas in the car. This then turns on the check engine light. Been to the dealer each time, one answer the gas cap was loose and it will reset in about a week, the second time the cap has to be put in an exact way to prevent the problem. I do know how to put a gas cap on and feel there may more to this problem.
I noticed this warning light a couple of weeks ago and followed steps to remove the warning (checked the gas cap then held the next menu button for 3 seconds to clear it). A couple of days later the Check Engine light came on so I plugged in my scanner and it said small emissions leak (which I assumed was the gas cap), so I cleared the code. Then yesterday my wife told me that the gas cap light was back on again.
Gas cap light came on today. We purchased a beautiful 2011 slightly used Nissan Altima purchased last Friday. The car is a dream to drive, very comfortable, love the key fob/no shifting, but argh...this light shocked me today! I sure hope this will not be a continuing saga. Oh bother!!! Went to dealer today, and they seemed unshocked by it...told me to bring back if happens again...sure hope not in vapor system, too. sure hope does not happen again or more like above poster. :(
I have just replaced my gas tank, a month ago. The original tank was punctured by a rock. The loose cap warning has come on twice, several days after filling. Maybe ten gallons in tank. Check engine light has come on and then gone off again once. I thought new tank must be problem, but mechanic says gasoline would be leaking if tank/seals were bad.
Light that fuel cap is loose has been coming on for past week. I re-tighten the cap and clear the warning, and it stays out. Caused the Service Engine Soon light to come on this morning, diagnostic code is: 0456.

Cleared the diagnostic code, unscrewed and re-tightened fuel cap. Seems to have fixed the problem. If not, will replace the fuel cap and see if it fixes the problem.
check engine light comes on when tank is not full but once filled tight goes out. constantly having to unscrew gas cap to make light go out. sometimes this works, sometimes not