Isuzu Rodeo Problem Report

Isuzu Rodeo Limited slip differential fluid break down may cause chattering when cornering

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Chattering when cornering can occur when the limited slip differential fluid breaks down. Replacing the fluid will repair this issue.

chatter from rear diff , worse when towing boat. Changed to 80\90 syn and 8 oz limited slip add. No more chatter -
no high voltage at the coils -
when you pull off quickly clutches chatter then engages roughly causing rear axle to shutter then lock up abruptly. -
Only after driving highway speeds for extended periods of time, never happening when driving around local NYC roads... when shifting in reverse... there is a GRINDING noise from the rear. You can feel the vibration as well.. on both back tire hubs. Mechanic is trying to narrow it down. One thinks brakes are heated up from highway driving and sticks when used. One thinks transfer case. One thinks.. well that is me......... differential fluid is low.. or internal gears are worn, loose -
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