Mercedes-Benz E500 Problems

Low Vehicle Ride Height Due to Leaking Rear Air Springs on Mercedes-Benz E500

Problem Description and Possible Solution

Rear air springs (bellows) may develop leaks, which causes the air pump to run more often to maintain ride height. Our technicians recommend that leaking air springs be replaced.

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Mercedes-Benz E500 Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 101,708 (153–160,000)
4 model years affected: 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006
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I hear a leaking sound once I exit the car after driving. Seems to settle about half of the distance it would after sitting overnight. When I start the car I can hear the compressor running for about 3 minutes then it stops and the car rides fine. Is anyone else hearing the leaking sound, as if you were letting air out of a tire slowly?
Any ranges in repair costs? It seems to only be the drivers side.
Rear end goes down intermittantly when the car in parked. Usually goes back up when the car is started again. It's going to cost a bundle to replace those rear strust and shocks on an E500 Sport. There should have been a recall with this being so prevalent a problem.
battery died and the suspension dropped will a new battery raise the suspension or do I need to replace the compressor or struts/shock
I have a 2003 E500 Sport. Rear end sags way down after being parked for about 24 hours. Pumps right back up when car is started.
rear end springs have sit down on the back tires the other day the back end was sitting half way down i already have had the front end replaced. one side went bad then about six months the other side went out, was there ever a recall on the front or the rear supension of the E500 2003
Was getting the change battery indicator for a few days,then left for out of town trip(flight) when I returned,crank car,car stated please wait briefly vehicle is rising for about 5seconds,car then says stop car too low and won't raise........WHATS GOING ON
My car has a similar problem - the rear sags down after 12+ hours with the rear driver side showing more of an inbalance :(
Right side keeps leaking front and back air springs are leaking especially when parked with vehicle not running.
car sits low in back after about 3 hrs of being parked. New air shock is $900. if they are going to be so flimsy, one would think they wouldn't charge that much. That's 900 PLUS labor!
Replaced front and rear airmatic system with rebuilt Arnot struts from FL for front and new Bilstein rear. Arnot rebuilt front 650/ea. new bilstein 750/ea. from autoparts warehouse. 1700 in labor at MB to remove and replace and align vehicle. Must be completed at MB dealership due to ride control hight adjustment. Works like a charm now.
it is not fixed. sometimes the car appears normal; sometimes the rear is high; sometimes low on one side or the other.
car unleveled front driver side down. took it to the dealer they said the strut needs replacement. the part cost 1100 alone no maintenance fee included.
Replaced front strut replaced rear strut (shock)now opposite strut in front bad at 77000.mi. whats wrong with conventional springs ? Ican list a lot of problems with car that should not have happened or been warrenteed.