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Saab 9-3 Knocking Noise While Turning and/or a Banging Noise When Driving on Rough Roads

Saab 9-3 Problem
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Model Years Affected: 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009

Average Mileage: 90,267 mi (35,000 mi - 185,000 mi)


A knocking noise while turning and/or a banging noise when driving on rough roads may develop in the front suspension. This type of noise is commonly caused by a front strut thrust bearing damaged due to water intrusion. Our technicians tell us revised thrust bearings are available to correct this concern.

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    knocking noise when i turn the wheel left or right.

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  • , , 80,000 mi

    same knocking noise from front right wheel at low speeds and uneven road surface

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  • , , 79,920 mi

    Started with just a clicking noise - got progressively worse the started clunking /knocking noise on rough roads and when turning

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  • , , 101,000 mi

    Right front passenger side: noise when I go over uneven road or small pothole. Thought it might be plastic lining in wheel whelk or undercarriage. Now I'm thinking its the strut.

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  • , , 55,500 mi

    When I turn to the left I hear a crunching noise. what could it be. My mechanic says it could be my ab Axel but I think it could be my bushings.

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  • , , 62,000 mi

    Local roads are rough and at just 62,000 are experiencing the effects. When turning the steering wheel from center the rack "clunks". It does this in both directions. Also driving over rough roads the front end bangs. I assumed it was the struts or ball joint.

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  • , , 149,000 mi

    When I bought the car everything was great. Then all of the fun started. My front passenger wheel was making this terrible knocking noise so i took off my tire and my spring was partially snapped!! I took off that broken piece and the knocking stopped. I bought TWO springs for the front of my car and it only costed me 60 dollars (plus shipping) on WWW.EEUROPARTS.COM . Great website for SAAB owners!

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  • , , 85,000 mi

    Knocking noise while turning. Also, as of this morning, the engine will not turn over.

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  • , , 101,000 mi

    I had the same noise - found that one spring cracked and lost a piece. Had both springs and struts replaced in front. Now one year and 8K miles later, it's fantastic! (Found out that even though mine is and 02 - the 1996 or 8's through 2001 SE converts had had a recall on front coil springs due to excessive wear and breakage. Just too late to claim it now, unfortunately.

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  • , , 161,205 mi

    hear a clicking noise from the right front end as you turn or on rough roads

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