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Battery Weak Due to Inadiquate Alternator Output on Kia Optima

Problem Description and Possible Solution

After the vehicle has been operated with electrical loads (lights, air conditioning), a weak alternator can cause starting difficulties. In some cases, the original alternator could not sufficiently charge the battery; Kia released a new alternator which can correct this concern.

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Kia Optima Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 65,455 (9,785–205,100)
10 model years affected: 2001, 2002, 2004, 2006, more2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
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First and foremost I want to say that I really love my KIA. My husband and I haven't had any issue's until today. The car started up fine when needed to take the kids to school, but when I turned it off to get some gas, it wouldn't start. I had to get someone to givw me a jump. :( When I got home I turned it off, restarted the car and it turned on without a problem. I went to the store and after having it off for about 40 minutes (while shopping) after loading my items in the car I went to turn it on and NOTHING! It was dead again. I keep checking it hy turning it on every few hours and it turns on, but Im afraid of having to drive somewhere and turning it off and it wont start again.
Several times a week I have to get my car jumped. Lights off, radio off, controls heat/air off....literally nothing on....dead clicking battery. Replaced battery and still same issue.....I need this fixed!!!!!
Tried to start the car after work and this weird clicking noise started happening. All the lights came on in the car as usual, but the car wouldn't turn over. Eventually I noticed, while putting the windows down, the electricity was slowly being drained from the car. It happened last night and will be repaired today.
When I push the start button my car makes a clicking noise but won't start up. I've been getting it jumped for the past 3 weeks now and it's becoming a nuisance. I've been stranded at work several times and at home due to this issue. What should I do?
Vehile would not start at all. After I jumped car was running but as soon as you turn off and back on nothing. Thought was battery per dealer replaced only to find out alternator not charging and my car was only running on the battery. Needless to say car is still at dealership as they access the issues with my 2013 Kia Optima.
Car wont start due to something pulling a charge all the time. I had the car for 4 months and had nothing but problems
My battery continuously to go dead causing steering difficulty and all other electrical components to stop working. I had the battery checked several times and it always revealed the battery was good. I had the alternator checked which show only about 3 to 5 volts charging back into the battery with motor running.
I have to get a jump everyday due to the alternator. I think Kia should have a recall on these. I am reading where so many people are having the same problem. I have 45,000 miles on my car. I don't have $700 to fix it! Come on Kia!!! What the heck!!!
When I shut my car off and do not remove
The keys immediately-- the battery dies!
Kia service tried to tell me that is a feature of the Kia Optima
Initially, when you press the Start Button crank your vehicle it is pretty obvious that the battery is very weak and there is not enough amps to crank your vehicle. When you press the button again on your second attempt, you will get a continuous buzzing sound followed by flashing light all over your instrument panel and the only way to stop the vehicle for buzzing and flashing is to press the Start Button again. At this point the battery appears to be completely drain. This issue appears to be too wide-spread for KIA not to recall and replace this faulty/inadequate alternators.
My 2013 Kia Optima LX battery is not holding a charge. This problem has occurred over a year ago and still exist. I thought I needed a new battery but after reading reviews about the faulty alternator issue with the 2013 Optima. I have decided to investigate this issue and wait before I pay out of pocket to get it fixed because I don't have a warranty. My car continues to need a jump start whether I've drove it all day or first thing in the morning. It's frustrating and embarrassing to have to go through this with a vehicle this new. I've read hundreds of similar reviews and in the future I probably think twice about buying another Kia. I'm close to trading it in for a Dodge or Chevy.
The dealer, Beyer Kia of Falls Church, VA, advises the alternator needs to be replaced....3 days to get the part and another 2-1/2 days to do the install.
Car first died in 2015 without warning while out of town and on a weekend. I was forced to leave my car at a repair shop and rent a car to return home. The part was not stocked and took 3 days to deliver. I also had the battery replaced at a total cost of $700.00. On Monday February 6th 2017 at 103000 miles my car died again with the same diagnosis. This time I took it to a KIA Dealership for the replacement and explanation. None with forthcoming!! The bill this time was a whopping $972.00. I decided to post on Facebook and got a call today from a CSR who could not help me and denied this was a widespread problem. As much as I wanted to purchase another KIA, I cannot afford to have an unreliable vehicle.
The day I bought my Kia Optima the battery died in the service bay! I was told that the car was fine and it was a service error caused by leaving the car in accessory mode. Well 2 days later I was calling AAA to jump me because the battery had been discharged; I have had to do this 7 times, with the dealer telling me the battery and vehicle are fine. Finally a AAA representative told me that these vehicles have faulty alternators. Took the car for service 2 days ago, dealer wants 1300 bucks to fix the problem, despite electrical system being under extended warranty coverage! I hate KIA at this point!
I brought a new battery four weeks ago I drove to Bloomfield (40 min ride on a Friday, Sunday I drove home to drop some stuff off when I came back out my car wouldn't start.
I had taken my car to get it washed. When car was done I pull out onto road and car just shut off, lights start flashing and steering wheel locked. Managed to get it started again only to drive about a quarter of a mile before it shut off again-in the middle lane of traffic. Police officer who helped me thought that maybe it was just water that had gotten into the system from the car wash. It sat for about 20 mins in the roadway then it finally started. Managed to get it to the dealership and have now been advised that the alternator needs to be replaced.
needed new altenator because car wouldnt start, battery wasnt getting charged., got it fixed at George Auto Body in Winchester Ma over $400.00