Keyless entry stopped working on Toyota 4Runner

Problem Description

(28 people reported this problem)

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Keyless entry stopped working gradually. Key Fobs are OK and fresh batteries. Reprogrammed them when had it working sporatically. Now nothing. Suspect reciever, but can't locate it!

My keyless entry stopped working. The remotes have fresh batteries and I've already tried the reprogramming list or opening/closing etc. Ideas?

My keyless door remote stopped working. Neither fob would work with fresh batteries. I've been manually using the key to open it for about 5 years now.

Keyless entry remote unlocks the doors but it will not lock the doors.

Remote keyless entry stopped working for no reason. Key fob batteries and transmitter tested and worked fine.
Problem with the receiver, unable to locate it. Mechanics will not invest the time to locate or repair problem.

Remote locks doors, but all other featuers are not working.

fob wont open doors or rear window

Had a 1998 4 Runner no problems bought an 2005 and at 90,000 door locks and A/C started messing up. Traded in for 2012 4 Runner because I thought it was just my 2005 4 Runner. Now 2012 door problems again at 45,000 both front doors and now at 55,000 one back door. What is funny is they act like it is a problem that they don't know about, but what I have read online this problem is been going on for along time. I didn't want this 4 Runner my wife did,it will be my last Toyota.

Keyless remote will not lock nor will button on arm rest, will unlock but not lock. I have yet to fix this

I have recently purchased 2 new keyless door lock remotes for my Toyota. I have went through all the steps to program them. I can get vehicle into programming mode with no problem. The remotes will still not program. I have put new batteries in them also. I am wondering if this is a receiver problem and if so where is it located?

FOB stopped working all together. Not fixed.

One remote will unlock the door only but, neither remotes will lock the door. When all doors are locked the red alarm indicator light on the dash is solid red and does not flash to indicate that it is armed.

Door sensors are not recognizing my keys

Intermittent activation. Sometimes unlocks with key fob. Rarely unlocks. Never activates alarm.

Key fob works intermittently thought it was the fob itself so got the spare and swapped out still same problem. I don't want to pay a million dollars to fix problems on a vehicle I have not even put 100k miles on. Just wondering what the fix is.

Just bought vehicle. Passenger side keyless entry not working. Driver side works fine