Lincoln Zephyr Problem Report

Lincoln Zephyr The Ignition Key May Become Stuck in the Ignition Lock Cylinder

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The ignition key may become stuck in the ignition lock, possibly associated with a binding shifter bezel. Our technicians tell us that if the shifter knob is sticking or the shifter bezel is binding the affected part should be replaced.

Key stuck in ingnition. -
wont shift out of park -
Key will not come out of the ignition. -
Key stuck in ingnition -
Key stuck in ignition lock cylinder. -
Key stuck, had to pay a pretty good chunk of money to get it replaced - no easy fix, so they had to replace the shifter. -
Key stuck in ingnition -
Key won't come out of ignition. -
I have had both problems one behind the other. My key would not come out of the ignition for about 5 days. Then one day it just came out. After about two weeks (CURRENT PROBLEM) IT TAKES A REALLY REALLY LONG TIME TO SHIFT OUT OF PARK. iT'S SITTING IN THE DRIVEWAY AT HOME AND i AM CATCHING A RIDE TO WORK. RIGHT AFTER I SHORT TIME AFTER I BOUGHT IT I NOTICED THE EXTREMLY HARD TRANSMISSION SHIFTS. -
It is in the local Ford dealership for resolution as we speak. Well, I just received a call from the dealership and learned that the entire shifter assembly has to be replaced. -
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Key stuck in ignition.
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