Lexus LS460 Problems

Intermittent No Start Due to Failed "Push Start" Switch on Lexus LS460

Problem Description and Possible Solution

An intermittent no start condition may be caused by a failed "Push Start" switch. Replacing the failed switch should correct this concern.

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Lexus LS460 Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 73,147 (22,000–121,374)
4 model years affected: 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011
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I will push the brake, green light comes on, I will push the starter button and nothing, sometimes it doesn't start until the 3rd or 4th time. I have replaced the battery in both the car and the FOB, still not fixed. In shop now for a diagnostic.
Car will not start after parking and come back from shopping on hot days. Some times it takes 5 to 6 trials and some time I have to wait for 10 minutes and retry. I took it to dealer and they say they can not duplicate the problem It is frustrating to know that dealer will not admit that other lexus owners have the similar problem.
I live in Columbia gets very hot here in summer months. My car has developed the same ignition problem I had in 2012. It starts then dies. It startsd then dies. This cn go on and on. It doesn't happen all the time. It is intermitant but seems to happen most on very hot days.Lexus replaced the push button ignition switch in July 2012, warranty. Now July 2015,it has the exact same problem! It seems to me that the ignition switch is "heat" defective. How can this same prblem happen to me twice? Now they want me to pay $600 to replace it!
I had the same problem I was pushing the start button too hard I was starting it and killing it at the same time. Now all I do is barely push the start button. Try it. It worked for me.
Push start button, and car tries to start then shuts off. Push it a second time, and it starts. One time (only) I had to do this a third time before it started. Does not happen every time - maybe one in seven to ten starts.

Had a mechanic analyze the problem and he thought it was a throttle linkage issue. Cleaned the linkage, but the problem continued. Has not left me stranded, but it is increasing my anxiety. Will also confirm it seems to happen more frequently when car is left in sun in parking lot than in my garage (over night).
Car starts fine when cold. However after driving upwards of 20 minutes and stopping the car will not start again. It takes three or four tries to get it going. Some of the tries result in nothing at all happening, some have an engine turnover and then quickly stops. This latter case can happen two or three times in succession. If I depress the accelerator quickly enough, the engine catches.
Not yet fixed
Car starts normally when the engine is cold. However after the car has been running for 20mins or more when turned off, will not start after a time lapse of 30 to 60 minutes. That is, it has a false start but the engine does not "catch". Frequently three or four tries are needed.

UPDATE 9 Sept 16 There was not a nearby Lexus dealer in Fredericksburg, VA. My Lexus dealer in Naples said to take it to Toyota. I did and they troubleshot the system and came up with the diagnosis of bad ID Code Box. This is a $200 device which costs about $1500 in labor because the dashboard needs to be removed to gain access. In any case, I did not have this done. Instead, I have a workaround. I depress the gas pedal and the brake when starting the car. The car kicks over and the rpm's surge but it does start. This has worked every time. Therefore, until this does not work, I will take no further action
Intermittent inability to start. Pressing brake does not always produce the green light to start, either no light or the orange light. Have to retry several times or wait for a period of time. Lexus dealer kept my car for several days but could not reproduce the problem.