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Exactly same problem as described by Schmackster1952. Problem is totally intermittent, but frequency of occurrence seems to be getting higher. Battery, charging, and all other electrical system components seem OK. I have tried moving shift from park to neutral; took key in and out of switch; nothing seems to be related. Is there any switch, relay or sensor that could cause the truck to "think" it is not in park, or the engine is already running, or whatever else might keep it from engaging the starter motor. When it decides to act right, all is will. Anyone else found a solution?
Chevy silverado 1500 2004. The same problem, random intermittent starting. I had had this problem before about 5 times and each time I disconnected and reconnected the negative battery cable it started fine. This time that didn't work. So I swapped the starter relay in the fusebox under the hood with the other identical relay, no luck. I crawled underneath the truck and tapped the starter with a hammer, no luck. I jumped the truck, no luck. I did hear the solenoid clicking. The door was open and the dome light was on. When I turned the key to start the dome light did not flicker or dim in any way.
Also, when the key was on, the battery voltage read about 12. When I turned the key to start, the gauge dropped down to 0 and stayed there until I released the key back to ON. Also, I keep the headlights on automatic with the selector switch. They stayed on while the key was in the on position with the truck in park, and died when I turned the key to start. The check engine light was on when the key was On and I think stayed on when I turned the key to start.

That was yesterday. Today was totally the opposite. I flicked the key to start this morning and heard it try to start. I flicked it again and it started. I did not jump or charge it. I drove it for about 15 minutes. The battery gauge showed 14 volts while driving, so the alternator was good. The headlights went off when I turned the key to the on position with the truck in park. Yesterday they had stayed on. The dome light did NOT come on when the door was open. I turned it on with the switch. The check engine light went off immediately after I turned the key to start. Yesterday it stayed on. When starting, the dome light flickered (I had turned it on manually today) , as it should. Yesterday it had not flickered at all when turning the key to start. But, yesterday the battery gauge went to 0 when trying to start. Today it went down just a bit while cranking, went to 0 for a half second, and jumped back up to 14 when it started.
Same problem as described in all the rest of the posts.

Found the fix:

Ignition Fix EASY GMC Sierra or Chevy Silverado
Pretty much same as every one else, mine doesnt even crank. the starter relay doesnt click, fuel pump relay does cycle, all lights go out as if it is going to crank but doesnt. prior to this it would intermitantly start and immediatly stall but start right back up.
just randomly wont start for the first time in the morning.....just walk away for part of the day or next day, and it starts. Different components are powered up each time....sometimes lights work great and horn but the next time something else works or doesn't work. It does seem to happen about once a month. Someone told me it could be on-star related. Any other ideas?....sad for a new car. Back to Ford I go
Will turn key and it is like no power from battery to starter, but have lights, radio, etc. Turn key again or sometimes multiple times, to no avail. Then, turn it one more time and it starts. Then the next 15 starts, no problem. Sometimes hot engine, sometimes cold.

UPDATE: 2-6-14; I sold the truck to my father. He changed the starter. No problems since March 2013.
Truck wants to turn over but will act as if is starving for fuel,wait ten minutes, it start. Been happening frequently lately. I also was told it was the security system
stopped truck filled up with gas went to restart no power to starter dash lights on until you turn key all the way to start all guages go to pre-start position had aaa bring me to dealer now i dont know what to expect
I have the same problem and I am glad I am not the only one. I own a 2007 Silverado with a 4.8 *newer body style. I have owned this truck for a year now and both winters I have had the same problem. Power works except when you turn the key nothing happens. Last year it happened a total of 5 times and it was very weird to me how it would act. At first when it would not start I would go to work and come home and it would start. Other times I would go in the fuse box check it to find no blown fuses but just a little corrosion on the starter relays but not enough to cause concern. I checked all the other connections and had nothing loose than I would go to turn the ignition and it would fire right up. Thankfully it would always eventually start. Fast forward to now and last night it happened again. So here is my theory.
1. Cold weather is probably most of the problem.
2. Don't wash your truck like me in the bitter cold because I now have a layer of ice on everything under the hood. I am thinking it could be causing a bad connection somewhere.
3. I have noticed the anti left icon stays on which never happens only when it does not want to start causing me to think this is shutting the power off to the ignition but must be a timer??
Same problem reported by others. I especially agree with comments by 'visitor' who described the situation in great/accurate detail. I believe it is related to 'anti-theft' or 'alarm-set' circuitry. If I repeatedly lock and unlock the doors, either at the door controls or with the remote, it will start after some manipulation. I find it hard to believe that GM has not found the source of the problem and the fix....since many owners are reporting the same issue.
When I turn the key I get nothing. The only sound is when I turn the key back back to off it sounds like teeth rolling to line back up. Truck has been checked out twice but nothing found. It was sugested I try a different key as the other may be worn. The last time I waited 45mins before it started. Has anyone else had this problem?
One more thing about my 2004 silverado. I already wrote a book, but forgot to mention that the antitheft icon would stay on yesterday when the key was on and it wouldn't crank at all. However, today, when the truck will crank and start, the antitheft icon goes off after a few seconds with the key on and stays off while the truck is running. It never flashed either today or yesterday though. And I don't know if the antitheft system disables cranking or starting or both.
Same issue as others described. Very intermittent. Happens once every 3 months or so,
But lately has happened more frequently.
Parked at home in the night after driving about 60 miles the same day. I decided to go out again, I turned the key and all of a sudden my truck starter didn't crank the engine or anything with the engine, I didn't feel anything vibrating from the engine except the visible guages on the dash made movements as always with the power on. Ok, I was turning the keys on and off 5 times only the guages that worked until after the 6th turned the keys over again then my engine started to crank and it started out fine. I was puzzled by it. After this very problem, it didn't happen to me twice or often.
same "no start" problem as reported by others on this blog.

Original owner, 2002 Silverado LT 5.3 4 x 4 high mileage, very well maintained, Never had a starting issue until today. This particular -14 below and high winds cold snap is brutal .

Brand new battery. Swapped 4 relays out, banged on the starter, Tried neutral start. Worked the shift lever up and down, blower and lights all work. Now I'm calling AAA......and going back to 1952 Buick.
I looked on another site and the first thing he said to check was ING E 10 amp fuse. I did switch this out but before doing so i noticed all the dust , and bugs even, that were in the fuse box under the hood. I blew it out before switching, which may have been the cure also. I recommend trying both. Running good for now, ill let you know if it flops again.
Same problem, found it to be due to corrosion on the top wire of the starter. Wiggled it around and truck will start. Cleaned nut and bolt and all is good. This worked for me but with the way there is movement of the wires in that area, it could also be a cracked or broken wire that makes contact sometimes, hence the intermittent starting. Area around starter is exposed to the elements and corrosion is inevitable, keep area clean and all should be good.