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Intergrated Motor Assist Battery Failure on Honda Insight

Problem Description and Possible Solution

Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) battery failures are not uncommon. The IMA battery will require replacement when it fails.

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Honda Insight Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 104,545 (32,000–150,000)
9 model years affected: 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, more2004, 2005, 2006, 2010, 2011
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I purchased this car three months ago and it had a replacement IMA battery in July 2012. at 122,264 miles. It worked perfect until yesterday when the check engine light and the IMA light came on.

I have an appointment to have it checked in a week, but wonder what hints or suggestions people out there might have?

Thanks, Richard

P.S. I have read of a grid charger that could fix or prevent this. Anyone know anything about these?
Check engine light came on. Honda is covering the repair, extending coverage up to 150k miles.
IMA light and check engine light came on. IMA would not "charge". Had all the codes that the IMA was bad. Honda would not "help" with the replacement of the IMA battery. I risked $350 and bought a "grid charger". It worked. IMA has been working great. Now have 106,000 miles. I definitely would recommend a grid charger.
Last night, on my way to the airport, the IMA light came on, and stayed on. It still charges normally, and battery indicator fluctuates normally. Gas mileage seems only slightly diminished. Everything else seems to be running normally. With 138,000 miles on it, is it worth fixing? I'm open to all suggestions. Thanks!
Honda replaced my IMA battery in 2012 no charge with about 85000 miles. Since my retirement in 2013 I don't drive it much and this week the engine and IMA lights came on at about the same time. The battery that was fully charged when I started the car quickly discharged. I also noticed that there is no charging happening. The regenerative braking isn't working either. Strangely the auto stop also quit working too. Your help is appreciated
The IMA light came on followed shortly by the check engine light. Appointment is Monday It is a civic hybrid
My engine light and IMA came on. Took to dealer and they said it would be $3,500. Called Honda America after hearing others say they extended the warranty, but my service rep said there was nothing they could do. Now the red (starter) battery light came on, 2 weeks later. Not sure what that one means, but not willing to pay another $80 to diagnose a car that is terminally ill. Is the monthly charger worth it?
2006 Honda Insight. IMA battery failed. Honda Motor Corporation will not return my call regarding this problem. The dealer (DW) in Franklin Tn. told me last week $3,500.00 to replace IMA battery with remanufactured battery(3yr/36,000). Now the dealer asks me could I pay $1,000.00 for the repair. I do feel this is reasonable but, HMC knows these batteries are defective as the batteries in the Honsda Civic Hybrid (2006)that are now in a Federal Class Action Lawsuit. I feel Honda should replace the defective battery in my Insight free of cost to the consumers. Whoever heard of a dealer going from a $3500.00 repair, to can you pay $1000.00 ? In my opinion, they just admitted to their guilt. By the way, my wife has driven Honda's faithfully for the past 30yrs.
The car only has 60,000. The engine light can on and it is the IMA. I contacted Honda locally and the corporation since the mileage is so low, but they said it was too far out of warranty. I expected to drive the car at least another 60,000 miles. The car is only worth $2100 and to put $3000 into it is out of the question. What can I do?
2002 honda insight
Had same problem the IMA light came on took car to dealer found out honda extended the warrenty, battery was replaced for free.
purchased 2nd hand ex demonstrator with 20,000kms,in 2002 Honda replaced the IMA battery under warranty after 8 years.Battery failed again after 2 years met replacement 50% this Battery failed after 23 months we had to pay for replacement now just replaced the Battery at our cost again total well cared for mileage 62,000 miles.Come on Honda start taking some responsibilty. Note we are in Perth Western Australia What a Hybrid now on its 4th Battery
I replaced the battery with a refurbished battery instead of the Honda battery which costs twice as much. However, the first battery shipped did not operate correctly. I had the supplier send me another battery, which they did promptly. I then had that installed. It works well now. The cost of the paying the dealer to diagnose and install both batteries ran me almost $1,000. My savings in the end was over $1,000 but the hassle and time it took tried my patience. I had to use a dealer because of the voltage on the batteries, the auto repair shops I use did not have the insurance to handle high voltage products.
IMA battery died at 84,XXX miles. Honda refuses warranty because previous owner had wired a voltage monitor into the system. I will never buy another Honda!!!!!