Instrument Panel Lights on Honda Accord

Problem Data
Average mileage: 107,750 (10,000–183,000)
4 model years affected: 2000, 2002, 2003, 2013
12 people reported this problem
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My instrument panel lights go out EVERY day/night. If my car is cool then my lights come on when I start the car, I always drive with my lights on, after a few miles the instument lights just shut off. I bought the car this last winter and did not notice a problem and then the warmer weather came and I noticed it. I originally thought something was loose. Now it is cold outside and they stay on for longer period of time but still go out. I did some research and this is evidently is a common problem. It is a safety issue when you can not see how fast you are driving and I wonder why they has not been a recall?!?
This problem occurred at the 30,000 mile mark. There is apparently a problem with the printed circuit board for the dashboard lights. A third party repair shop apparently put a clamp on the part of the printed circuit board which was separating, and I've never had the problem since. It cost over $300 for this repair.
A couple of the instrument panel lights are out. One seems to come on intermittently. The dimmer control seems to work normally. I have not tackled the problem yet.
Far left side of instrument panel won't stay on. Car is still under warrenty. Joe Morgan Honda tells me I am the only one who has complained about this and that their tech said it worked fine when he test drove the car. That light hasn't worked in months. They pretty much said email a picture but there is nothing we can do. I said, "So I have a new car with a meshed up dash board that is not fixable." And they said yes.
Light out on radio on dashboard.i have been told it is a circuit board and it would cost me $1200 for a new one as they were skeptical of a used has not been fixed.I do love the car.
Instrument panel light(s) have been out for some time. You have to take off the whole panel to replace bulbs. Haven't done that, but I've gotten very good at judging speed after dark. It does come on rarely, so it might be a loose connection instead of a bulb burned out. You'd think Honda could have made it easier to replace a bulb or check a connection in the instrument panel. Problem started around 40,000 miles.
Interior dash lights have not worked since 15000 miles, the brake and door lights flicker in the rain or cold weather