Instrument cluster failure on Chrysler Town & Country

Average mileage: 122,135 (4,161–265,000)
20 model years affected: 1993, 1996, 1997, 1998, more1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
68 people reported this problem
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2008 Chrysler Town & Country 171,000 mi,
Without warning the instrument panel becomes erratic. Windshield wipers start working, engine seems to run fine. Seems to occur more often when the drivers door is open when started. It can be corrected by shutting van off and let sit for a few minutes. Local dealership says they never heard of it?
Cluster panel failure. No speedometer, gas gauge, temperature...NOTHING. Hit the dashboard, but did not help.
Instrument cluster periodically failed. No speedo, gas gauge, tach, temp. gauge,etc.(had this same problem with 1995, and 1998 models of chrysler/dodge minivans, the 1999 would 'correct' if I hit the dash board just right, the others would not-I would just drive them without the gauges and eventually they would come back on). This 1999 had anti-theft also, so if instrument cluster was 'out' when trying to start the van, it would not start. I got this fixed on the 1999 by having a very good mechanic that knew of this problem(chrysler/dodge dealers in this area seemed to have never heard of it-though it seems to be quite a wide-spread issue)-the mechanic shop removed instrument cluster and re-soldered one connection in the middle of the cluster.
2005 Chrysler Town & Country 160,000 mi,
driving down teh highway the entire instrument panel went out no guages no lights nothing. a few weeks prior we had flashing headlights, radio blinking and guages bouncing. now nothing. A new batter later, pull out and attempt the "fix on the " prongs ith sodering , ordering in a replacement panel that "works". NADA. now we are sitting with a van with no instrument panels. My issue is if this is a known problem with a ton of issues, why is this not being looked at more closely I am so thankful we were able to get the van safely off the road and not kill ourselves or family
2002 Chrysler Town & Country 265,000 mi,
Instrument Cluster head lights & turn signal. Flashing then cluster went dead & no turn signals still runs .
2009 Chrysler Town & Country 138,000 mi,
All the idiot lights come on and the speedometer, gas gage and temperature gage does not work. It happens infrequently and will go off after the car sit for awhile. Took to the dealership and they could not pin point it.
1999 Chrysler Town & Country 177,000 mi,
sometimes the instrument cluster gauges don't register (temperature, speedometer, tach, fuel, etc. and engine won't maintain startup (dies immediately after firing). A hard smack on top of the dashboard with an open palm usually causes them to come back on. Is there some kind of loose connection in the instrument cluster?
1999 Chrysler Town & Country 169,000 mi,
I had the same problem with the instrument cluster on my 1999 Town and Country. Hit the dash and it would work. Sometimes the engine would not start until you hit the dash. It turned out to be a cold solder joint where the electrical harness plugs to the back of the instrument cluster. Pull the cluster out of the vehicle, remove the circuit board from the cluster on the back, flip over the circuit board and you should see one of the soldered pins on the end of where the harness plugs in with a burnt ring around the solder joint. I think it is the 12V lead that powers the cluster. Get someone to re-solder that burnt solder joint and your back in business. Took me about 1 hour start to finish for this repair. The cluster is easy to remove since its all electric. It fails because the lights are not LED. They are the older style filament bulbs and they pull more current. The solder joint is wave soldered from the factory which usually means the solder is thin and it will eventually burn around the terminal because of the high current draw. Good luck!
1999 Chrysler Town & Country 175,000 mi,
No gauges or digital mileage displays, the ABS, and Alarm Set would be lit. Sometimes I couldn't enter the van with the remote xmitter when the engine was running during this condition. Sometimes the van would fail to start as well. Heard this is an issue with a solder joint on the back of the cluster. Since I broke off the Speedometer needle whacking at it to work, I have ordered a good used replacement cluster and will try replacing it after it arrives.
My speedometer, gas gauge, mileage and tachometer stopped working. My alarm set keeps coming on.
dash shuts down wipers go on
1998 Chrysler Town & Country 140,000 mi,
Headlights and whole panel quits working while driving or the headlights & panel flashed and off, while driving, and without prior warning. Adjusted headlight and interior lights dimmer switch, but can't change the settings or problem reoccurs. If the lights had gone off at the wrong time or around a curve in the road, there could have been a serious accident. Vans should be recalled.
Instrument lights come on, tach, odom, and fuel gauge doesn't work and windshield wipers come on.
Problem started when car was about 2 years old. Initially and periodically everything in the center console stopped working including none of the gauges (gas, speedometer, tachometer, temperature. Sometimes will last for several days, sometimes will correct itself on vehicle restart. Now when this occurs all the center console indicator lights are on but gauges do not function. Once while car was in this condition and car was idling while going through car was, the car overheated when I got out of the wash I opened hood and realized the radiator fan was not functioning (dealer told me this was impossible, but it happened none the less). Have had the dealer look for problem multiple times (at $100 an hour) they have found nothing. I told them I found lots of problems like mine on the internet but they said they had great technicians and don't trust the internet. Well, there great technicians have proven useless albeit expensive.
ive been having the same issue. but after a while my van dies when it sits either after a long drive or long periods of sitting in the garage, but all i have to do is bang on the dashboard and it starts right up and if the gauge fail when i drive it i just bang on it and they start working again
My instument cluster started flashing & the speedometer, tach, gas & temp gauge would not work. The headlights & tail lights would blink off & on when turned on. The interior lights would flash if turned on. I took to dealer in Florida, Auto Nation, & they never heard of problem. I called Chrysler Corp. & they never heard of problem.. The dealership was terrible, but Chrysler Corp helped & they finally replaced the TIPM, Total integrated Power Module. The car worked fine but only drove short distances. When I started driving home to Michigan, the cluster started doing the same thing after driving 100 miles. The second day started out fine, but after 100 miles, the instument cluster went out again. I was worried because the headlights flash also. Will take to local dealership on Monday, but I called them from Florida & they never heard of problem either. When cluster goes out, the headlights & taillights also flash when turned on, but the radio, air conditioning/heat work fine.
I have the same problem others have described. While driving along all the dash lights go on and the wiper goes on one time and then all the instrument come back, it does not happen when I turn the van on and it won't interfere with the performance of the vehicle. I brought it to the dealer they plugged it up to the computer and he said he had 33 messages all said something to do with connections. they checked and cleaned all connections and the van was good for about 2 weeks then it started again? They also did say that they had never seen this before??
1999 Chrysler Town & Country 150,000 mi,
It acts like my alarm system is have on. The van won't start. Also when I drive down the road the instrument panel just dies. With the alarm light on...
Started with instrument cluster going out then the BCM went out. Big electrical issues
A 1997 Town and Country LX 3.8 bought at auction at 120,000 miles. There have been many problems with this vehicle, starting with this issue. The instrument cluster went out one day about 5 years ago and then suddenly came back on. It happened again and again for longer and longer periods, seemed to be mostly when the weather was hot. Banging on the dash sometimes helped, but often wouldn't do anything, and at one point the needle of the speedometer actually popped off. A seemingly unrelated, but concurrent issue with stalling at all speeds began for no apparent reason. Research online brought many similar complaints and suggested that re soldering the joints on the back of the instrument cluster would solve both problems. After re soldering, and replacing the speedometer, the dash issue seemed to clear up. To some extent so did the stalling. It stopped for a while, but later became a recurring and more severe issue.