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Front Legs For Third Row Seat Won't Retract on Chrysler Town & Country

Problem Description and Possible Solution

The front legs for the third row bench seat may not retract. Our technicians tells us a new parts kit and/or spring is available to correct this concern.

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Average mileage: 87,875 (23,000–230,000)
8 model years affected: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, more2009, 2010, 2011, 2015
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mine isn't the spring. The cheap plastic piece on the end of the cable broke. Need to find a way to reattach the cable to leg. person posting above failed to mention WHERE he got the less than 100 part to repair. would be very helpful.
I haven't fixed it yet, but I think I over-stretched the spring. After lifting up on the leg of the 3rd Row seat, I noticed the label that said - "Do Not Lift." Oops.

Now the legs stick up about 1" when the rear seat is stowed.
Rear larger seat will not release to fold down to stow. Tried sitting on it, holding it down as others have suggested. Just makes nasty clicking, snapping noise. This is a real pain in the ass. Suggestions other than spending a crapload of money at the dealer?
I have not had this fixed. Mine just happened this past weekend. I had the seat stowed, and when I went to put it back up, it wouldn't latch to the floor. When I laid it back down, the legs stayed up in the air. Now I have to put something on the legs to get them to stay flush with the floor.
Got to love this website !!

Same problem for me except only partially up on the legs when seat is stowed, operated just fine but legs up about 2", I thought easy fix, I have the other single passenger seat to look at and it don't have the problem, not really apparent what the problem is comparing the two, it is very suttle, the spring that is visible on the inboard leg cable when the cover flap is lifted is stretched only 1/4" from the good seat same spring, it's a balancing act between the springs on the leg pivots which close the legs and the spring that pulls on the legs to lift them-only as the seat is rolled into the use position, took me quite awhile to figure this all out--only after purchasing the factory service manuals (which told nothing) and removing the seat bottom cover !! it really is a simple fix ONCE you understand the operation, GEZZZ imagine the dealer charging $500 to replace this completely visible spring and 5 minute job !!!!

THANKS for this web site-Ken
I bought new ss cable and replaced the cable myself rather than spend the 100+ to have them fix it. Great difficulty though.
My problem was that the legs for the third row seat wouldn't fold down into the rest of the seat assembly. They stick up unless I lay something on them. I looked into getting it fixed but was quoted a $500 repair estimate. They said there was a 'technical' notice out about this, indicating it was a common problem.
front legs of rear seat stick straight up in the air. Dealer quoted $540 to fix. It has been like this for a year now I want to sell vehicle so I feel it needs to be fixed
third row front legs don't fold into seat when collapsing it. Cable anchor broke. Tried to fix with wire but not possible to pull hard enough to close a 1in gap to spring hook -- wire keeps breaking.
The third row bench and single seats are stowed in the down position and will not release when the straps are pulled to release them.
Same problem, a little plastic part that holds the cable to the seat frame. Trying to find the part or how much to have fixed.
T & C Limited. Both rear sto and go seat cables broke and the legs won't retract into the seat when stowed. Ordered new kit for each. Chrysler wanted 120.00 each and I found them online for 32.00 ea with free shipping. Found the service bulletin and am installing them myself. 23-012-06 rev a.
back right seat occasionally will not close. We try not to use it because one day it will not close for good
3rd row legs will not retract, need to bring to dealer for repair. Out of warranty time, so I will have to pay...