Increased Oil Consumption Due to Intake Manifold Gasket Leak on Dodge Ram 1500

On 3.9L V6 and 5.9L V8 engines, the intake manifold gasket may leak and cause increased oil consumption and a spark knock during acceleration; the gasket should be replaced.

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Average mileage: 119,824 (9–253,000)
Engines affected: 3.9L V6, 5.2L V8, 5.9L V8
9 model years affected: 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, more1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002
58 people reported this problem
33 people shared problem details
1997 Dodge Ram 1500- 5.9L V885,000
Excessive engine oil consumption, 1 quart every 50 miles. No visible smoke or leak. Local dodge service manager referenced a technical service bulletin. Replaced plenum gasket and required parts in service bulletin. Problem fixed.
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1999 Dodge Ram 1500- 5.9L V8130,000
Not sure if it has a gasket problem, but my truck misses terribly when idling and makes soem pinging sounds when accelerating
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1997 Dodge Ram 1500- 5.2L V8133,000
Getting around 12mpg and burning ~4 qts of oil in less than 3,000 miles.
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1999 Dodge Ram 1500- 5.9L V8147,654
it well be driving fine and my oil press gauge will go to 0 and come back up when i stop and turn. plus the time i changed oil it had like 3 quarts in it. which i put in my self at a gas station driving it home from the dealer shop.
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driving at normal highway speeds average of 200 miles consumes up to more than 1/2 quart of oil but truck feels very strong and does not feel any lost power at all except when aceleration a small clicking noise and the result of lost oil in the trip.
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2000 Dodge Ram 1500- 5.9L V8135,000
Now that I know the problem I will get right on it.Used 2 quarts of oil on a 200 mile trip. Had pinging at high speed and the check engine light flashed a few times. I also recently changed plugs and noticed alot of white build-up on the plugs closest to the carb. Thought it was coolant leaking. Glad to have this forum. Love my RAM Sport.
increase oil consumption, and wet floor passenger side.
2002 Dodge Ram 1500- 5.9L V8
Quart of oil every 800 miles
1999 Dodge Ram 1500- 5.2L V8150,000
excessive oil consumption, replaced plenum gasket, some technicians I find out know reccomend replacing the aluminum plate, due to warpage.
1996 Dodge Ram 1500- 5.9L V8116,000
1 qt every 500 miles.. goin to the shop tomorrow :(
2001 Dodge Ram 1500- 3.9L V6
stumble under load - misfires po300, po301, Po305
1999 Dodge Ram 1500- 5.9L V866,323
I keep losing oil and cannot see where oil may be leaking from...Also, my entire dashboard is dry-rotted...
1999 Dodge Ram 1500- 5.9L V89
It has never been fixed. Acceleration knock is erratic. Oil consumption is consistent. Mis-fires on plugs occasionally. At 36000 miles service dept. said torque converter was bad and replaced. At @ 60000 miles an after market head was installed because of cracks in the oem head were found and valves destroyed.
2000 Dodge Ram 1500- 3.9L V6157,000
I recently just change the oil pan gasket oil my Ram 1500 3.9L. Its was using so much oil, but now that its replace I'm still getting this clapping noise as I accelerate. I hope I havent blow a head gasket. Help
1997 Dodge Ram 1500- 5.9L V8119,000
Well, add me to the list. '97 Dodge Ram, noticed oil loss, with no signs of it going anywhere. Finally called the dealership for an appointment and this sounds exactly like the issue. Over the phone I was describing my issue, and the service manager noted possible Manifold gasket leak. The truck runs great, but is going through QUARTS of oil in no time. Fingers crossed this fixes it :)
2001 Dodge Ram 1500- 5.9L V8204,000
Drives oil pressure goes to 0 then back up when I drive burns oil but does notleak I put oil in it and then it's gone after a day of driving
1998 Dodge Ram 1500- 5.2L V8
Same details...for this intake leaking, as typical reported engine problem. Dealer said normal oil usage, for this model. Installed after market repair kit, by Hughes Engine co. Their kit repaired, problem. Did not want to reinstall oem parts, because the problem, would reoccur , AGAIN. Had to pay for replacement parts, cuz not installing oem parts. Too bad, as for other reported dodge ram 1500's TSB, for other repair issues, such as rear leaf springs, out of alignment. 2. Bouncing suspension, into next lane. 3. Computer brain ? ECU, did not work, 1 day; repaired with extended warranty. 4. Rearend, burned out ? Covered by extended warranty. Dealer mechanic, explained...their manufacturer torque specs, were incorrect and the reason, for the rearend failure, at # 40,000 miles. 5. A/C vacuum, goes off, when engine is accelerating, but returns to normal, after engine vacuum, is normal. Paint is defective and clear cover was pealing and paint color is out of repair. Current vehicle mileage, is # 98,500. 5.2l engine is original, without major repairs. Automatic transmission is original, without major repairs. A/C is original , without any repairs. Gas mileage is 16 mpg, combined, since brand new to now. Interested in 2014 dodge ram diesel, but reading all the current dodge ram truck owners complaints and no dealer support including..NEW Sticker prices, at # 50,000$ bottom average... Is just pick another manufacturer, of family truck, indeed. Thank you, for all the owner's imput and comments, including their negative opinions. Where is Fiat ?
purchased my 1998 Dodge Ram 2500 noticed after leaving dealership truck was backfiring carried to my mechanic pulled up crankshaft sensor and weak did complete tuneup replaced coil and crankshaft sensor dodge dealership had just changed oil checked after about a week truck was 1qt low added oil after about 400 miles truck had used another 1 and 1/2 qts carried it back to my mechanic he explained to me about the plenum gasket problem and about the TBS that had been sent to all dealerships concerning plenum gasket he told me that if the dealer replaced the gasket it would be replaced with a thin paper gasket that had been the problem to start he replaced all my gaskets with felpro rubber and metal gasket set my truck is doing great now but I am out 600.00 dollars, but to be honest I do not trust a vehicle that this problem has been known about since 1994 and Chrysler Corp made no effort to fix the problem . When on there own web sight admit that this was a serious problem. Called dealership many times and there reply was what do you want us to do about it, I said fix my damn truck. Wish everyone lots of luck
2001 Dodge Ram 1500- 5.2L V8100,000
burns oil, lower on power,poor fuel mileage.
2002 Dodge Ram 1500- 5.9L V874,000
Engine started using oil all of a sudden. Used half a quart in 50 miles.
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