Subaru Forester Problem Report

Subaru Forester Engine Misfire Due to Failed Spark Plug Wires

(34 reports)

Sometimes the Check Engine Light illuminates because the computer detects misfires. Subaru released an improved spark plug wire set to solve the problem. The ignition coil should also be inspected for carbon tracks or short circuits between the contacts

Engine started to stutter at idle last night. After 5 min, it was fine and running perfectly. Next day, ran perfectly for 15 min, then started to stutter when idling. Check engine light and cruise control light are on now. Never had a problem with this car before. -
Stalls after a rain. Rough idle and operation until engine compartment is dry. -
The check engine light illuminated and another dash light blinked continuously. I took it in to my mechanic, who said the wires and seals had to be replaced ($380). My friend had the same lights go off less than a week later and the Subaru dealer told her it was the catalytic converter. -
No engine lights came on, but engine turned off at stop signs several times in the last week. The repair shop diagnosis is wires, oil change, spark plugs. It seems that if this is a common problem, it should be considered under the Lemon Law or covered under the warranty. -
I installed a new set of Belden plug wires from NAPA. The issue came back. I completely removed the wires and the ignition pack to inspect it, reconnected everything, and the CEL went away. So all is well! -
After starting he vehicle and going down the road {I have standard transmission} the car starts stalling and engine light starts blinking; resolves itself after about 1/2 a mile; but only after a hard rain does this happen. -
radio does not work in the cabin light and the cklck on the dashboard -
Same as others stalled a few times, then ran fine. Today stalled repeatedly with check engine light on, cruise light flashing and slippery pavement light on. Diagnosed as cracked coil, fried spark plug wires and need to replace spark plugs. -
oil fouled my #3 spark plug. Dealer changed head gasket. It fixed that problem. -
At 62,000 miles had to replace ignition coil, wires, plugs and catalytic converters. Took Sabaru Forester to shop within 30 minutes and 20 miles of check engine light on. Obviously too late! -
When at a redlight (2x's, car started shaking (Saturday, April 12th). Notice engine light flick on/off the second time. So I put it in park and tapped gas until light changed on my way to Subaru car service. Yesterday was told the ignition coils eed to be replaced. -
Misfire on Cylinder 2 & 4. Replace Spark plug wires but still misfire code. Replace engine coil and misfire code went away. -
rough idle and check engine light after rain . Dealer says needs new wires and ignition coil. -
Check engine light flashing, then going off. Eventually CEL stayed on. Diagnosed bad plug wires. They were just changed 1 year ago at 30,000 miles too. We'll see if thats the end of it. -
month ago, check engine and cruise lights on. subaru rec check gas cap. took it off and put back on. prob persisted. 3 days later, subaru svc could find no prob even tho the check eng came back as misfire. yesterday, car was dif to start and when put in gear, stalled. did not start after that. towed to subaru. result, ignition coil towers cracked and ignition wires burnt at coil. replaced. works fine. -
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