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Subaru Forester Improved clutch parts to correct clutch chatter

Subaru Forester Problem
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Model Years Affected: 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2010


There have been reports of "clutch chatter," particularly when driving the vehicle from a cold start. If the issue was reported by the owner while the vehicle was still under warranty, the dealer may replace the clutch with improved parts.

  • Visitor, , 56,000 mi

    Problems started when local shop did 4 Wheel alignment after getting new tires. They locked up " Hill Hold " Mechanism backing off the Alignment machine. They did not have a clue. They spent three hours without finding out what was wrong. It locked up again before I could get out of the parking lot. After that it would randomly lockup. It locked up as I pulled out on a maim street about one half mile from my home. I tried to make it home by back streets but it locked up again completely two blocks from my house. I burned up the clutch trying to get out of an intersection. The car could not even be pushed to move it. ( I now know all you need to do is lift the back of the car to Level or higher to release the feature. ) Since then I have had a noise in the drive train. The driveshaft carrier bearing and clutch were replaced. Still had noise. A different local Shop replaced the Transmission. Bad center differential ??? And said first clutch was bad ??? Still have noise - worse. Now it has clutch chatter. Shop says it is motor mounts. Replaced. Still have noise. Still have clutch chatter. Subaru says due to aftermarket clutch or bad parts. CAN YOU HELP!!!

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