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IMA Battery pack - replacement recommended. on Honda Civic Hybrid

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I have had three episodes where the check engine and the IMA lights came on. Also noticed that the charge indicator on the battery would jump around wildly. Engagement of the IMA motor was herky jerky.
Dealer says that they have ordered a new IMA battery and will replace it under warranty.

Curious to see if this corrects the problem. My suspicion is that the battery was bad from the get go as this car has never performed as well as my 2007 which has never had a problem. THis might explain a lot of complaints.

Battery is now replaced. Still don't get the mileage that I do with the 2007 (as a rule, never above 37) but much better now.
I bought a brand new 2007 Honda Civic Hybrid, in May of 2007 it had 9 miles on it. I have been having this same problem and it has been on going since that date. Honda dealership said they needed to readjust the breaks because of the motor assist. This did not cure the problem they said there was nothing they could do even though it was still under warranty at the time and said they were sorry. The problem has only gotten worse since then along with other problems. The Driver side window goes off track they said there was nothing wrong with it. The IMA light stays on then goes off the engine light comes on and just a mess, Now the car don't even want to start. Now that there is no warranty on the car and it has expired, now the problems I am having they say need to be replaced. I hate Honda now and I will never buy another car from them.
IMA light came on, warranty replaced. Typically the battery will show 1-2 dashes, and once it warms up it soon shows full with only having driven a couple miles. IMA 2nd time again replaced battery pack under warranty. Always have poor charge performance in winter. If it comes on again, maybe I will do an aftermarket eBay purchase.
Have extended warranty and glad I do! I know this can be an expensive repair. There was no warning or anything leading up to this, average winter day 33*. This is the 2nd time I have had this issue, also occurred around 42k miles as well, another replacement fix.